Off-Road Redneck Designer Films UFO

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Off-Road Redneck Designer Films UFO
Andy Hadlington worked on the graphics for Rage's Off-Road Redneck Racer among other things. He currently resides in Bristol where recently, says The Sun: "Terrified Andy Hadlington witnessed the mysterious triangular-shaped object silently hovering above a residential neighbourhood in the West Country city on Sunday evening."

Not only that, but Andy took video of the Bristolian terror craft...

He told The Telegraph, "We're not far from the airport so I thought it could even have been a low-flying plane, so I was quite alarmed."

Take a look at the video... and tell us what you think.


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Clartu Barnardos Nicti 14 May 2009 16:21
That is almost definitely a flying thing, flying through the air. What, it is exactly, I could not say. Maybe it is a Not Identified Flying Object. A NIFO, as I think I what begin to call them.
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