Got info on ARM?
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Full name: ARM Holdings plc
Established: 1990

Founded in 1990 as a joint venture between Acorn Computer and Apple with investment and licensing from VLSI Technologies, ARM was spun out of Acorn's 1985 RISC development. Known then as Acorn RISC Machines, the ARM was the world's first commercial RISC processor. Indeed, it formed the heart that powered the mighty Acorn Archimedes computers, the spiritual successor to the company's BBC models.

Following the 1990 collaboration, ARM became Advanced RISC Machines.

Since its début, the ARM core has become the most successful RISC processor in the word, used in embedded system, mobile phones, PDAs and handheld console. Some of the best known consumer product are powered by ARM technology, including the Apple iPod and iPhone, Blackberry and, in gaming, the GP32, Tapwave Zodiac, N-Gage and of course, the Nintendo DS.

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