Quest for Quintana Roo - Atari 2600/VCS

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Quest for Quintana Roo (Atari 2600/VCS)
Also for: Atari 5200, Colecovision
Viewed: 2D Side-on, Static screen Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Sunrise Software
Publishers: Sunrise Software (US)
Telegames (GB/US/US)
Released: Unknown (GB/US)


Help Yucatan Sam explore the dozens of terror filled chambers that create the mystical temple of the Mayan god Quintana Roo. You must use your supplies as well as your cat-like reactions to avoid the sleeping snakes, overcome the mummy's curse, and eliminate the other adversaries while attempting to solve the mystery that will deliver the hidden treasure to you and Yucatan Sam.

Since a different solution is required each time the game is started, you will be assured hours of mind-challenging, reflex-testing entertainment. Do you dare to get involved? .