Actua Golf - PlayStation

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Actua Golf (PlayStation)
Also for: Saturn
Viewed: 2.5D Combination Genre:
Sport: Golf
Arcade origin:No
Soft. Co.: Gremlin Interactive
Publishers: Gremlin Interactive (GB)
Released: Oct 1996 (GB)
Accessories: Memory Card, Multi Tap


Golf, a good walk ruined, some might say. But hey people, you don't have to tire yourself out by going for a walk anymore, carting all those cumbersome clubs around with you. Just put on some dodgy knitwear and the loudest trousers available and tee off with Actua Golf.

Gremlin's first foray into what can be a triple dull game to watch on TV features state of the art full motion video capture and 3D scenery, thereby creating a realistic playing environment. There are two challenging courses to test your golfing skills, fully customisable players and club selection, and in a neat twist, multi-view shot tracking and action replays. Very impressive.

Choose to play at amateur or professional level, as a foursome, in a fourball challenge, or select the Skins option to win a potful of money. Live interactive commentary is provided by Tony Adamson, Pat O'Brien and the cool, relaxing tones of Peter Alliss, The Voice Of Golf.