X Com Interceptor - PC

Also known as: XCom Interceptor

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X Com Interceptor (PC)
Viewed: Not known Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Microprose Soft. Co.: Microprose
Publishers: Hasbro (GB)
Released: Unknown (GB)
Ratings: 11+


2067. The extraterrestrial combat unit is back!

Battle the aliens from the cockpit of a high tech Interceptor; fighting ship-on-ship in a real time 3-D first person environment, in dynamic missions that directly affect the final outcome of the struggle.

Vaporise your foes with more than 20 different weapons of mass destruction; from mere lasers to base building, high-explosive missiles.

Become the aggressor as new technology and better weapons are added to your arsenal and strike right at the heart of the alien’s supply lines, outposts and bases.

Build and manage your bases and personnel, maintain your financial standing and increase X-COM’s control across the combat area.

Test yourself in the instant action training mode by developing your dog fighting skills, defensive manoeuvres and ‘hit and run’ tactics.