Vexx - Xbox

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Also for: PS2, GameCube
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Acclaim Soft. Co.: Acclaim
Publishers: Acclaim (GB)
Released: 4 Apr 2003 (GB)
Ratings: 11+
Accessories: Xbox Memory Unit


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Remember the old school days of simple, unadulterated video game plots? Get the girl, kill the baddies, and save the entire planet? It seems that these days it just isn't enough. Contemporary action/adventure games are currently coming packaged with all kinds of weird and wonderful storylines. Take this, for example: The villagers of Rockhaven, on a proud planet called Astara, are living quite peacefully when suddenly the Shadowraith, Dark Yabu and his cohorts sweep down from the sky, enslave them all and force them to work in caves that surround their village. Dark Yabu murdered the grandfather of the young Vexx, who managed to slip quietly aboard the enemy's windship. There, locked deep within Yabu's sanctum, was the last pair of Astani Battlegauntlets, which leapt from their chest onto the young lad's outstretched hands, giving him special powers.

What follows is a 3D, platform-style adventure in which players take control of protagonist Vexx, as he embarks on a quest to confront the nasty bloke Dark Yabu, save his people and avenge the murder of his grandfather. Okay, so all the usual saving and avenging elements are there, but 10/10 for the background.

The adventure itself is set across 18 expansive levels, which span such environments as treetop canopy villages, mysterious caves, desert temples, underwater cities and deadly volcanoes. Gameplay involves the collecting of Shadowraith Hearts and appears in the style of Mario 64/Sunshine in the fact that there are a certain number of said hearts to be gathered from each level, in any particular order - the accumulation of which lead to the unlocking of new worlds and areas.

Assisting players throughout their quest, Vexx has at his disposal a wide range of powers and abilities, bestowed upon him by his newly acquired Battlegauntlets. He is able to jump high, superleap, slash and uppercut enemies, as well as unleash powerful blasts as he comes face-to-face with the game's assortment of grisly foes.

But it's not all 'fight fight fight', as the game is also packed full of puzzles and the odd mini game too. And multiplayer party games no less, so there are a fair few little surprises to be uncovered that add a little replay value to the proceedings.