Citizen Zero - PC

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Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Micro Forte
Released: Unknown (GB)


Citizen Zero is an innovative third-person massively multiplayer online action-adventure game (MMOAAG) with strong role-playing elements, currently under development by Micro Forte. The game is set in the near future, on the isolated former penal colony of Neo-Eden and its two neighbouring planets. The game universe offers a diverse futuristic setting for exploration and adventure.

The Back Story

Neo-Eden was originally established as a penal colony. A harsh World Government disposed of its criminals by erasing their minds and personalities, and removing them to a distant planet where they would be Purified and re-integrated into society after serving their lengthy sentences. To prevent cowardly escape via suicide, a Revivification system was established, leaving the prisoners with no chance of escape from the desolate and unjust life to which they have been condemned. Five decades ago a riot expelled the Guardians, the central control failed, and the automated bio-mechanical systems that maintained the planet were thrown into disarray. This allowed the colonists a new freedom and the ability to build a new and better society from the ashes of their past.
In the fifty years that have followed since the Great Riot, a new society has been built. The former prison building has been transformed into, the burgeoning metropolis of DeMannon's Ladder, led by the DeMannon's Ladder Council - an ostensibly benevolent board of rulers who are beginning to develop a taste for power. The inhabitants, now free, are building their new lives in a beautiful but sometimes dangerous world filled with exotic creatures, natural hazards and the still-active remnants of the automated systems that once ran the world.

Who are you?

As you enter Neo-Eden your mind is erased and made ripe for rebirth. You will choose your name and attributes, creating for yourself a brand-new persona as a member of one of three races: the Humans, the bio-mechanical Cybrids, and the athletic tribal alien race, the Beziel. As you become a citizen of the world, you will discover you belong to a special subset of the population. These citizens - nicknamed 'Zeroes' for the fact that their Citizen number defaults to zero - are blessed with exceptional talents and skills. Unlike many citizens, you can move relatively freely about the worlds. This makes you extremely valuable to the NPC factions or 'Overarchy' of the world, who seek to employ the best and brightest 'free agents' on Neo-Eden society to advance their particular interests. You will be sure to find a Overarch that suits your playing style, and your Overarch will provide you with missions ideally tailored to your interests.
Missions that take place in city, town, and wilderness, will draw you to exciting and sometimes unexplored areas of the colony.

Not even you may master all skills - in particular those that are exclusive to particular races. Therefore, those who make friends from members of all the races and those with diverse skills will find themselves much in favour with their Overarch. Ample opportunities for players who prefer solo gameplay are of course also available. By exploring the world and meeting its challenges, and by participating in missions, your character will gain in personal skill, and earn wealth, fame and power.

Citizen Zero provides fast-paced action and fun in a multiplayer setting, within a dynamic, stunning and immersive future world. Most importantly, it allows players the opportunity to become an important part of a vibrant online community.