Vivisector: Beast Inside - PC

Also known as: Vivisector

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Vivisector: Beast Inside (PC)
Viewed: 3D First-person Genre:
Shoot 'Em Up
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Action Forms Soft. Co.: Action Forms
Publishers: Brigades (GB/FR)
Released: Oct 2006 (FR)
2006 (GB)


In 1878, the once respected biologist Dr. Morhead was hounded out of England when society was repulsed by his experiments on animals. Retreating to the island of Soreo, he continued to try to play God, building what he called a ‘Temple of Rebirth’ and continuing his life’s work - his ambition to make sentient, anthropomorphic beings from regular animals. But one day Moreau - I mean Morhead - goes too far, and is overthrown and destroyed by his freaks. Over the years, rumours circulate about discoveries made by military expeditions to the island, but the official government line is that no further information or surviving subjects have been found on the island. As you find yourself there, one hundred years later in 1978, you soon discover that the government weren’t exactly being straight about that.

This is the premise of Action Forms’ new action adventure. You play Kurt Robinson, sent to the island, apparently, to quell a rebellion. But it soon becomes clear that in fact some kind of test is being conducted; not on you, but on the terrifying half-human, half-animal beasts that inhabit the island!

As you progress, and try to survive in spite of being double-crossed, you’ll become more familiar with the different types of beast on the dark isle. There are Modbeasts, animals with weapons grafted onto them. More recently developed are the Humanimals, bipedal animal creatures trained to think for themselves and specialise in particular sorts of weapons. Most fearsome of all, inhabiting the Temple of Rebirth itself, are the OverBrutes, fearsome beasts with all compassion removed – their actions are governed by an electronic brain, not a natural animal mind.

It’s just as well then, that you’re armed to the teeth. Sniper rifles, plasma guns, knives, machine name it, they’re all here. This might not be such a bad trip after all...

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