Legend: Hand of God - PC

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Legend: Hand of God (PC)
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Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: dtp (DE)
Released: 2007 (DE)


One of the most popular titles with trade visitors has been the new action RPG Legend – Hand of God”, explains Carsten Fichtelmann, Marketing Director ANACONDA. Legend – Hand of God, developed by Master Creating, is set in a unique fantasy scenario, where players will help a young adept in his fight against evil forces – and will face many action-filled battles.

Unique graphic features like the cinematic combat system will make combat more spectacular: enemies will be fought realistically depending on their size. The hero might for example climb the back of a giant troll in order to strike him down. At the same time, controlling Legend: Hand of God will remain totally intuitive.

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Legend: Hand of God Press Release

28 Feb 2007