Virtua Fighter 5 - Xbox 360

Got packs, screens, info?
Also for: PS3
Viewed: 3D Side-on, Scrolling Genre:
Beat 'Em Up
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: SEGA Soft. Co.: SEGA
Publishers: SEGA (GB)
Released: 26 Oct 2007 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 16+


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The Xbox 360 version of Sega's delightfully-bloodthirsty Virtua Fighter 5 (VF5) is based on the latest arcade version update (at the time of release, anyhow) and features both analog stick and D-pad control as well as vibration support.

VF5 features an all-star cast of 17 fighters. Characters from the series' previous instalments will feature alongside two newbies: El Blaze and Eileen. El Blaze is a fighting champion hailing from Mexico who brings his slightly campy sounding Lucha Libre style to the arena. Eileen hails from China and uses a Monkey Kung Fu discipline she learned from her Kung Fu master grandfather.

The game's customisation aspect will allow players to compete for prizes to earn a bit of cash. Then off you go to the game's store to buy items that'll allow you to customise your fighter. Who knows, it might be just what the doctor ordered to get your girlfriend into beat 'em ups.

Also new to the series is the Offensive Move. This brings a more tactical element to the game by allowing you to approach your opponents from the side. The game also includes an improved Quest mode, featuring more CPU rivals, items, and emblems for character customisation. The DOJO mode has added features including leaderboards, training move settings, improved throw escape training, and the option to change your opponent's position and recovery type.