Famous - DS/DSi

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Famous (DS/DSi)
Viewed: Not known Genre:
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Developer: Nobilis Soft. Co.: Nobilis
Publishers: South Peak (GB)
Released: Unreleased - Complete (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+


FAMOUS is an adventure game on Nintendo DS where you can live the rise step by step of a music star and its luxurious life once he’s successful.

In FAMOUS, start as an anonymous person, train yourself dancing, singing and playing music. Go shopping to change your look, score your own music, recruit musicians and organize concerts.

If you’re good enough, a music label will try to sign you and make a star of you: great car, fashionable clothes, private jets, body guards… but you’ll also have to manage your fans , organize concerts organization in incredible places etc…