VFR Photo Scenery 3 (N Eng & N Wales) - PC

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VFR Photo Scenery 3 (N Eng & N Wales)  (PC)
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Horizon Simulations
Publishers: Horizon Simulations (GB)
Released: 5 Mar 2010 (GB)
Ratings: No rating


Using real aerial photography for scenery means that the views you see from your virtual cockpit are literally transformed into the real thing - you see exactly what the pilots of the survey aircraft saw when they acquired the aerial photography. The original VFR Photographic Scenery, created by Visual Flight and the team that evolved into Horizon Simulation, for the first time put the real world into Microsoft Flight Simulator. Horizon has again joined forces with the UK's leading aerial photography and terrain data suppliers, (Getmapping PLC and Intermap Technologies, Inc.) to bring you the next generation of this landmark scenery.

Explore the UK, go sight-seeing, rehearse flights, practice VFR navigation techniques (using real aeronautical charts), or simply enjoy spectacular views from your virtual cockpit. Available as a series of 3 volumes, you can now enjoy unsurpassed detail from the White Cliffs of Dover to the Scottish border in this astonishing photographic scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

The resolution and accuracy of the aerial photography and terrain data alone make VFR Generation X the most detailed and accurate flight simulation scenery ever released commercially for a flight simulator - including those sceneries used by civilian and military flight training institutions that costs thousands of times the price.

VFR Sceneries are currently being used by thousands of private pilots across the globe, and by commercial and military pilots from some of the world's most revered flying institutions. The imagery of choice for the world's leading defence contractors and simulation professionals, Getmapping's aerial photography is second to none for simulation applications. This imagery is included in VFR Generation X at 16 times the detail of that used in the original Award Winning VFR Photographic Scenery for Microsoft FS2002/4

Generated from Intermap Technologies phenomenal NEXTMap Britain™ (the most detailed and accurate terrain survey ever undertaken for the UK), VFR Generation X gives users minute topographic detail that shows every lump and bump in England & Wales. Never before has such a terrain mesh been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator on a national scale.

Smooth frame rates with crisp, sharp photographic scenery - VFR Generation X has been specifically designed to optimise performance and reduce the effects of blurry scenery textures even on lower spec systems. Fly amongst buildings, trees, vehicles, and thousands of other accurately placed 3D objects. (Full product currently under development and expected to be released Easter 2007).

Using new night lighting software and techniques created by Horizon, VFR Generation X gives users incredible scenery to enjoy even at night - you can now practice VFR Navigation at any hour

Flight Simulator X now provides very much more realistic water effects and allows considerably more freedom in the way that water effects are created. Gone are the days of Carribean blue water in UK scenery - VFR Generation X water bodies will give you very realistic water colours (individual to each water body and the same colours in the aerial photography), will provide a moving, reflective surface, and will allow float aircraft operations.

Up to 30 towns and cities throughout England & Wales will be provided at 4 times more detail than that included on the disks (60cm/pixel). With an estimated flying altitude of 3-400 ft (AGL), these inserts will provide a base for 3D sceneries that are currently in development by Horizon and our partners. 30 of the most landmark/ornate bridges in England & Wales will be provided to give pilots additional navigation references and to give the young at heart a challenge to fly under (or even through!).

Volume 3 covers as far south as Wrexham up to the Scottish border in the north