Jewel Quest IV: Heritage - PC

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Jewel Quest IV: Heritage (PC)
Also for: 3DS/2DS, DS/DSi
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: iwin Soft. Co.: iwin
Publishers: Avanquest (GB)
Released: 26 Mar 2010 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
Accessories: Mouse, Keyboard


Jewel Quest IV: Heritage - PC Screen

Jewel Quest IV: Heritage - PC Screen

Jewel Quest IV: Heritage - PC Screen


Who is the rightful owner of the jewel boards?

Sebastian Grenard has won a court case claiming ownership of the Golden Jewel Board and has seized it from Rupert Pack’s museum.

Its now time for you to hit the trail with Rupert and go on a journey through the shrines and castles of Hernan Cortes' lore to reclaim rightful ownership of the legendary Golden Jewel Board. Swap jewels and collect puzzle pieces to unravel a perplexing web of Rupert’s Jewel Quest® family history. With over 175 new Jewel Quest Heritage boards, including 3 jewel-swapping modes, new surprises await in every level.

Key features include 35 stunning around-the-world scenes, over 175 unique Jewel Quest boards, each with its own challenges and three modes of play in Jewel Quest Heritage. Discover new Puzzle pieces and Rupert’s Family Tree and double the gameplay with an all new Expert Mode, which unlocks after the mystery is solved.