VFR Airfields: Scotland Vol 1 - PC

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VFR Airfields: Scotland Vol 1 (PC)
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Add-on pack
Simulation: Flight
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Scotflight Soft. Co.: Playsims Publishing
Publishers: Playsims Publishing (GB)
Released: 28 Jan 2011 (GB)
Ratings: No rating
Accessories: Mouse, Keyboard


Developed by highly acclaimed airport scenery designers, Scotflight, VFR Airfields Scotland is an upgrade to Microsoft Flight Simulator X that replaces the default, generic airport scenery with detailed and accurate, realistic and recognisable models of the actual airports.

Integrating into Horizon’s VFR Photographic Scenery X, VFR Airfields Scotland: Volume 1 offers incredible value for money and provides scenery for EVERY airport throughout the areas of Scotland’s East & West Islands as defined by the Photographic scenery volumes 4 and 5.

VFR Airfields Scotland: Volume 1 comprises 22 airfields each consisting of (where appropriate):
Detailed 3D models of all significant buildings
Taxiways and runways (Illuminated and signed)
Vegetation and fencing
Airport vehicles & wildlife
General aviation AI traffic
3D Objects Scenery
Matches the exact scenic area of Horizon’s VFR Photographic Scenery X – Volume 4 and Volume 5

3D Scenery & Landmarks Bonus! VFR Airfields Scotland: Volume 1 also includes for the first time some magnificent and realistic 3D scenery objects outside of the airport scenery. Extras such as Ferry Terminals, Lighthouses, Oil Terminals and Windfarms, Road Traffic with inbuilt density control and a customised animated Calmac ferries schedule.

Airfield Listing: Lamb Holm, Flotta, Kirkwall, Stronsay, Sanday, Eday, Westray, Papa Westray, North Ronaldsay, Fair Isle, Sumburgh, Foula, Papa Stour, Lerwick, Scatsta, Fetlar, Unst, Whalsay, Out Skerries, Stornoway, Benbecula, Barra.