Wipeout In the Zone - Xbox 360

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Requires: Kinect
Viewed: 3D Genre:
Activity: Health & Fitness
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Soft. Co.: Activision Blizzard
Publishers: Activision (US)
Released: May 2011 (US)


Wipeout In the Zone features over thirty outrageous obstacles that will test players' limits in more ridiculous ways than ever. Players can try to run the entire course in one shot, conquering one challenge after another, such as leaping over a pool of water using the infamous "Big Balls" and maneuvering their players to avoid being pummeled by the "Smack Wall Sweeper." Once again featuring the talents and hilarious commentary of the show's hosts, John Anderson, John Henson and co-host Jill Wagner, Wipeout In the Zone will bring hours upon hours of fun and laughter for the entire family.

Wipeout In The Zone will be Kinect ready for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and available on retail shelves this summer in conjunction with the premier of Wipeout's summer season on ABC.