Horribly Photoshopped Xbox and Sky Pix of the Day

Posted by Staff
So, Sky TV came to Xbox 360 yesterday... well, it nearly did. In order to celebrate this, we've been sent some truly dreadful pix of Sky Presenters Helen Chamberlain and Charlotte Jackson, a huge Xbox 360 and a remote control, and a big screen.

We've even been sent a caption: "Watch TV on your Xbox: Sky Presenters Helen Chamberlain and Charlotte Jackson are just two of the stars coming to Xbox 360, as console owners will now be able to access all channels available on Sky Player, including movies and live football."

Okay, it's normal sized presenters, with a truly horribly blown up and comp'd in Xbox 360, big screen and remote control. Does anybody else have a better caption?


Daz 28 Oct 2009 19:57
"selling out at it's finest"
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