077: Allow It

Posted 25 Oct 2017
Run time:02:07:25
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and no more loot boxes

Mat has finally had enough of the loot box discussions, meanwhile all our listeners want to talk about are loot boxes. David talks about the most risk taking game of all time and James spends another week praying that Sean comes back soon.


Artwork by BigShimmeryWall
Music by Nick Parton


Dr Cyberjohn 29 Oct 2017 20:47
Listening to Joypod ep 57. Nothing has changed, everything is the same. I vvish everyone in Holland vvas dead and that my vv key vvorked. Is Michael in prison at last? I tried to put a duck in a sack last vveek but it quacked its contempt at me. I hate everything especially Greggs. I come back to the Uk and Carlsberg Super is novv only 8%. End of the fcking vvorld.


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