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Full name: THQ International Ltd
Established: 1989
Closed: Feb 2013
Reason: Financial insolvency

Disambiguation: THQ Nordic

Founded in 1989 by former LJN toy company founder and industry veteran Jack Friedman, "Toy Headquarters" was incorporated 1990 in Calabasas, California as THQ, Inc.

Within months of incorporation, THQ acquired the games division of Bröderbund, then famous for its Choplifter title. The following year, the company went public after a merger with Trinity Aquisition Corp. Friedman departed in 1995 to be replaced as CEO by the company's CFO, Brian Farrell.

In 1999 THQ signed a licensing deal with World Wrestling Federation, WWF, a license it has continue to enjoy since. As with its WWF games, THQ is synonymous with famous movie, TV and lifestyle brand licenses such as Polar Express, Aeon Flux, Power Rangers and MTV Sports. Indeed, one of the company's first titles was an Nintendo NES games based on the John Hughes classic, "Home Alone". More recently the fruits of deals with Disney and Nickelodeon has produced chart topping games based on Disney/Pixar titles including Cars, Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles and TV shows such as Spongebob Squarepants and Rugrats.

THQ has also established itself as a key player in the heldheld market, distrubuting titles on Nintendo GameBoy and DS not only for its own titles, but also for other publishers, including Eidos' Tomb Raider games and Team17's Worms Open Warfare and , SEGA's Crazy Taxi and Infogrames' Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee.

Keen to expand beyond the "kiddy games" market of its "toy" foundations, the company has produces top selling titles for the teen and mature sector, including Red Faction, Evil Dead, Sopranos, Stubbs the Zombie, Destroy All Humans and STALKER.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

THQ's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1991 title, "Home Alone" (SNES).

The company has been involved titles released on the PC, 3DS/2DS, Wii U, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, PS2, Power Mac, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, N-Gage, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Dreamcast, N64, Game Boy, Sega Megadrive, SNES, Mac and NES. Of these, "Monsters, Inc." (GBA), "Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase" (PlayStation), "The Simpsons: Road Rage" (GBA), "SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge" (GBA), "Disney Presents a PIXAR Film: Cars" (GBA) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2013 release "inSANE" (Xbox 360).

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Final Nail Driven into THQ USA's Coffin - as Europe Awaits Death News

Bankruptcy agreed by judge

17 Jul 2013

SEGA Sues Bankrupt THQ Over Company of Heroes 2 Pre-Order Sales News

THQ took money after it declared bankruptcy.

10 Jul 2013

Darksiders - THQ Death-Gutting Continues News

Homeworld goes to Gearbox...

23 Apr 2013

THQ Learned From Metro 2033 Marketing "Mistakes" News

Cult hit internally "forgotten in a drawer".

21 Mar 2013

THQ's Death Throes Auction Get Darksiders, Worms, Red Faction News

Lots and lots of bones get picked over...

27 Feb 2013

Take Two Saves THQ from $30 Million WWE Lawsuit News

GTA maker gets development rights to WWE titles

14 Feb 2013

THQ Bosses Happy with Company Break-Up News

Doing the best they can... but couldn't turn this ship around

24 Jan 2013

Metro: Last Light Pulled From GameStop's Digital Store News

Refunds are being offered.

21 Jan 2013

THQ Assets to be Sold Title by Title on January 22 News

Attempt to keep itself together has failed.

08 Jan 2013

Judge Blocks THQ Sale - Not So Fast! News

Legal problems lead to loan denial

07 Jan 2013

THQ Investing in "a New Start For Our Company" News

Chapter 11 is good news says THQ's Jason Rubin

20 Dec 2012

THQ's Bankruptcy Filing Reveals New Games News

Assassin's Creed's Désilets mentioned.

20 Dec 2012

THQ Files for Bankruptcy Protection News

Brief announcement and investment firm bids for assets as company files for Chapter 11

19 Dec 2012

THQ Did Not Drop WiiU Due to System Faults News

No slow CPU or some backtracking ahoy?

12 Dec 2012

UK Video Game Charts - No Joy for Nintendo News

Black Ops II rules the roost still

10 Dec 2012

THQ: Metro Last Light on Wii U Would Need a Dedicated Team News

Original console CPU comments not disputed.

22 Nov 2012

Metro Last Light Developer: Wii U Has "Horrible, Slow CPU" News

Change in tone from 'focusing on what we know'.

21 Nov 2012

Ubisoft Ready to Pick the Bones of Sick THQ News

Ubisoft Damns THQ as like Acclaim and Midway... dead.

13 Nov 2012

THQ Defaults Over $50m Credit Facility News

Holding back its third quarter results for five days.

12 Nov 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Halo 4 Hits Before Black Ops II Bursts Out News

Halo 4 makes its mark in the week before multi-format Black Ops II releases

12 Nov 2012

THQ Delays Company of Heroes 2, Metro Last Light, South Park News

Jason Rubin does not want to release sub-par titles.

06 Nov 2012

UK Charts - New Entries Battle with Assassin's Creed III News

Best first day selling title for Ubisoft ever as major releases clear the decks for CoD Blops 2

05 Nov 2012

Wii U Launch Window is Four Months - Full Games List Here News

23 launch titles all lined up for November 18th though

26 Sep 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Sleeping Dogs Won't Lie News

Square Enix returns to the top spot in the UK games charts

10 Sep 2012

NPD: US Game Sales Drop 20% in August News

Darksiders 2 takes top of software chart.

07 Sep 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Transformers Can't Let the Dogs Out News

Sleeping Dogs holds off Darksiders too.

28 Aug 2012

THQ Returns All Guillermo del Toro Game Rights to Author News

Insane is canned as THQ looks to make cash

07 Aug 2012

Unlock Bonus Gear for Darksiders II by Playing Prequel News

More goodies if you complete War's story.

02 Aug 2012

Is WWE 13 Coming to Wii U? Nibble

01 Aug 2012

THQ: Consoles Will Move Closer to PC Model News

The industry market will be broadened.

30 Jul 2012

THQ Confirms Closure of Arizona QA Facility News

Consolidation with Montreal facility.

20 Jul 2012

THQ Hit With Second uDraw Lawsuit News

Allegedly made "misleading statements" about sales of peripheral.

18 Jul 2012

Metro Last Light's Amazingly Long Game Play Video News

It's dark, it's long, it's Soviet...

17 Jul 2012

THQ Plays Stock Game to Avoid Delisting News

Not so complicated financial move keeps share price above drowning point

02 Jul 2012

Saints Row 3 - 'Enter The Dominatrix' Dead - Rises Again News

"We believe the potential for this sequel is far greater as a full-priced, full-length, high quality, connected experience"

20 Jun 2012

THQ: Hardware Changes and Business Model Changes Are Coming News

Jason Rubin declares All Change! for the industry

19 Jun 2012

THQ Investigated for Misleading on UDraw to Stockholders News

US law firm going after THQ for not mentioning poor sales

14 Jun 2012

THQ President Rubin is Horribly Misunderstood News

Darksiders II team can do better. Volition can do better. Everyone can do better.

13 Jun 2012

Wii U Games List is Out: Batman, Mass Effect 3, Tekken More... News

Lots of good stuff for Wii U

06 Jun 2012

THQ Closes San Diego - Explains Loss of UFC to EA News

THQ will publish until March 2013. Makes money from sale of rights. Positive spin abounds.

05 Jun 2012

Naughty Dog Co-Founder is New President of THQ News

EVP of Core games, Danny Bilson, exits.

30 May 2012

THQ Sued for $10 Million for Not Making Adidas Game News

Things go from bad to not so good for THQ in sports gaff

06 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Chart: SSX Takes the Piste News

Mario Party 9 performs well despite no stock at GAME.

05 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Charts - UFC Undisputed Number 1 News

Thank goodness it's not boxing, right?

20 Feb 2012

Xbox Co-Creator Assembles Arcade Dream Team for Mobile News

THQ in publishing agreement.

06 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Final Fantasy Leads Japanese Assault News

Metal Gear and SoulCalibur also land in Top 10.

06 Feb 2012

THQ Files Confidentialty Requests with SEC - Internet Quakes News

But a quick piece of research suggests that everybody calm down

03 Feb 2012

THQ Hacks CEO Salary in Half - Lays Off Hundreds News

SEC filing lays it all bare for THQ

02 Feb 2012

THQ in Trouble as Lay-Offs Loom? News

170 or more staff rumoured to be in line for redundancy

01 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Resident Evil Brings The Horror News

But FIFA 12 holds on

30 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 12 Wins - Nothing Changes News

January is the cruellest - or at least most boring month in gaming

23 Jan 2012

THQ - 2014 Line-Up Not Cancelled News

When Twitter attacks - THQ forced to defend itself from rumour

16 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Xmas Charts! Skyrim Wins News

An Xmas without FIFA or Call of Duty at Number 1 - WTF?

19 Dec 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Skyrim Price Slash Success Proves Games are Too Expensive? News

Retailer slicing up the pricing gets a #1 award for Bethesda

12 Dec 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Modern Warfare 3 Increases Sales News

FIFA 12 also grows, and Mario Kart 7 comes in...

05 Dec 2011

UK Video Games Charts: Saints Row 3 Beats Out Skyrim News

UK Video Game Charts more predictable news: MW3 stays at #1

28 Nov 2011

Japanese Software Chart: Modern Warfare 3 Blows Away One Piece News

Saints Row the Third comes in fifth place.

25 Nov 2011

UK Video Game Charts - Skyrim vs Assassin's Creed News

And yes, Modern Warfare 3 is still Number 1

21 Nov 2011

Saints Row The Third - No PS3 Exclusive Mode News

Promises of PS3 exclusive mode don't appear to have born fruit

15 Nov 2011

THQ Confirms "Wilder" Saints Row 4 News

THQ Exec Bilson: Keep Exploiting that Core

09 Nov 2011

Electronic Arts Snaps Up Batman Arkham City for Origin News

Origin will feature top new releases including Batman: Arkham City, Saints Row: The Third and more

28 Oct 2011

Sequel News: Homefront Follow-Up Confirmed News

Crytek and THQ strike out for sequel ground

20 Sep 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Still an Undead Island News

Yup, zombie game retains gamers' cash

19 Sep 2011

UK Chart: Marketing Triumphs as Dead Island Grabs No.1 News

Four new entries into the Top 10.

12 Sep 2011

GAME Denies Colluding with Publishers to Boycott Steam News

Rumours of locking games out of digital platform.

26 Aug 2011

THQ Kills MX vs. ATV and Closes Studios News

Wraps the whole thing in jargon

10 Aug 2011

Video Gaming Financials in One Place News

Capcom, THQ, Nintendo, Sony...

28 Jul 2011

Darksiders 2 Trailer Smells of Death News

Control War's brother through the underworld.

19 Jul 2011

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Gets European Xbox 360 Release News

THQ handling the publishing

30 Jun 2011

THQ Says Metro 2033 'Flawed Masterpiece' and Introduces Follow-Up News

Set in London and makes up for flawed masterpiece of Metro: 2033

31 May 2011

UK Video Game Charts: On the Brink News

aka Gamers don't need reviewers

16 May 2011

THQ: Two Million Homefronts Sold was 'Break Even' News

Now it's into profit

04 May 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Portal 2 Closes Doors on Mortal Kombat News

Nothing new in the charts

03 May 2011

UK Video Game Charts: A Wii Crysis for the Hardcore News

As Wii fitness games chops Crysis 2 off the top

11 Apr 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Crysis 2? What Crysis 2 News

EA's shooter maintains place

04 Apr 2011

Kaos Studios Promises "Exciting" Homefront DLC News

Staff lay-offs won't affect future content.

01 Apr 2011

THQ Confirms Lay-offs for Homefront, Saints Row Developers News

'A relatively common occurrence', apparently.

01 Apr 2011

Ubisoft Wins Injuction Against THQ for Talent Poaching News

Assassin's Creed key developers central to complaint.

31 Mar 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Crysis 2 Takes the Lead News

Cry me a river, 3DS.

28 Mar 2011

Homefront Sells Big Day One News

Investors should cheer up

17 Mar 2011

THQ Suffers Financial Warfare on Homefront Reviews News

Stock price tanks

16 Mar 2011

THQ Forming New Voltron Games News

Coinciding with new toys, cartoon, film.

15 Feb 2011

THQ: Del Toro Trilogy to Take a Decade News

In it for the long run

16 Dec 2010

Guillermo del Toro Goes Insane News

Makes games for THQ

13 Dec 2010

THQ Irradiates the Mississippi for New Homefront News

Well, blame the North Koreans actually

09 Nov 2010

Guillermo Del Toro’s Video Game Reveal News

Director will reveal all at the VGA

09 Nov 2010

THQ Experiences Losses, in Line with Guidance News

Not so much of a loss then

04 Nov 2010

Good News Darksiders 2 in 2013 News

So says THQ

04 Nov 2010

THQ Bigs Up a Nintendo Surge at Xmas News

Sees Wii and DS markets flourishing at time of good cheer

22 Oct 2010

Assassin's Creed Creator Making New IP for THQ News

Altair-ior motives.

19 Oct 2010

THQ Denies Agreement with Guillermo del Toro News

Guillermo del Toro says the opposite

30 Sep 2010

THQ - Pre-Owned Paywall Pays Off News

Apparently not wrestling money from users

17 Sep 2010

THQ: No Sympathy For Pre-Owned Buyers News

"Loyal fans" who buy first-hand are more important.

24 Aug 2010

THQ and Sony Looking to Slam Pre-Owned Gaming News

Smackdown vs RAW 2011 to come with locked online play.

23 Aug 2010

New Red Faction Coming to XBLA & PSN News

New Red Faction game coming via downloadable means

17 Aug 2010

THQ Gets into Hardware with Gaming Tablet News

uDraw comes along

17 Aug 2010

THQ Snaps Up Double Fine Deal News

Brutal Legend dev gets download deal

11 Aug 2010

UK Software Charts: Crackdown Brings The Smackdown News

Super Mario Galaxy suffers as a result.

12 Jul 2010

THQ has Signed Respawn Level Talent News

But don't expect the devs to keep the IP.

01 Jul 2010

Saints Row 3 to be Cross-Compatible for 360 and 3DS News

Playing the 360 version unlocks bonuses for the 3DS.

30 Jun 2010

THQ Announces Metro 2034 With 3D News

The first game will undergo a 3D facelift too.

30 Jun 2010

Tomonobu Itagaki's New Game Will Include 3D News

Devil's Third to include much shooting, stabbing.

25 Jun 2010

UK Charts: Red Dead Holds Off Mario Galaxy 2 News

Shocking news for the perfect game

14 Jun 2010

UK Charts - Week 22 - Red Dead Beats FIFA News

Few changes pre-E3 and World Cup

07 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: Red Dead Redemption Holds #1 To Ransom News

UFC Undisputed 2010 only new challenger to Rockstar's Western crown.

01 Jun 2010

THQ's $40m Natal Project On Hold News

Publisher to wait and see how device is received.

06 Apr 2010

UK Software Charts: Kratos Is God of Charts News

PS3 exclusive beats out all competition.

22 Mar 2010

Metro 2033: Our Engine Stacks Up Against "More Famous" Ones News

Proud statement from Russian novel game

25 Feb 2010

3D Gaming for Metro 2033 News

Russian 3D fun

17 Feb 2010

THQ Biggest Loser Works Out for Profit News

Switches Studios' Focus to Digital Platforms

04 Feb 2010

Metro 2033 not 2033 At All - 2010 News

Yes, the release date is confirmed as is the Special Edition

28 Jan 2010

VGA Roundup: GOTY is Uncharted 2 News

Uncharted 2 wins Game of the Year award.

14 Dec 2009

THQ Bucks Recession as Losses Lessen News

Cost cutting works out

05 Nov 2009

THQ Get WWE's Legal Counsel News

Both parties are "pleased" and "excited" about the appointment.

09 Sep 2009

Red Faction: Guerilla DLC Maps Video News

Looks good, sounds like golf game fly-by

26 Aug 2009

THQ Having a Blood Bowl News

Games Workshop sports game coming September

13 Aug 2009

THQ Buys Midway Studio but Not TNA News

More wrestling ahoy.

11 Aug 2009

THQ Sales Soar - Predicts Console Price Cuts Plural News

Good news at last

29 Jul 2009

Xbox Natal Coming Late Next Year News

THQ confirms it.

29 Jul 2009

Video: Darksiders Apocalypse Wow! News

Wrath of Phwoar

21 Jul 2009

UFC Storm: Peter Moore Traces his MMA Roots to Dreamcast News

Mix Martial Arts headman over at THQ very, very annoyed

14 Jul 2009

UFC 2009 Undisputed Patch Detailed News

Premature withdrawal will be punished

09 Jul 2009

THQ Makes Changes: Core! News

Making a comeback for itself...

24 Jun 2009

No Comment from Queen on Golden Wii News

Gawd bless her

21 May 2009

Joe Madureira: Why Darksiders is Not God Of War News

Plus: new screens!

19 May 2009

And the Next MX vs ATV Game is... Reflex! News

SPOnG has the goods

15 May 2009

Saints Row 2 DLC Delayed for Red Faction Demo News

SR2 Red Faction content to blame

15 Apr 2009

Tera Patrick Saints Row 2 Appearance Delayed News

DLC not coming tomorrow

15 Apr 2009

Exclusive: THQ on Studio Sale News

THQ still hopeful for sale

02 Apr 2009

Big Huge THQ Job Cuts News

Has the axe fallen on Big Huge Games?

01 Apr 2009

OnLive Descends from the Cloud News

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony in trouble?

24 Mar 2009

EA, THQ, Activision Back New Video Game Console News

New video game console aims to bring gaming to the poor

24 Mar 2009

Updated: THQ Studios Spinning Out News

Big Huge Games faces closure, two more cut loose

18 Mar 2009

THQ and Capcom Pal up Nibble

10 Feb 2009

PS3 Destroy All Humans Go for Europe News

Path to Europe

28 Nov 2008

Destroy All Humans PS3 Canned News

Development issues cited

27 Nov 2008

Peter Moore: Wii Sports Hurts EA Sports Sales News

'Authentic' sports title sales on Wii will never rival Wii and 360

25 Nov 2008

THQ Shuts Five Studios - Set to Lay Off More News

Devastation in the USA

04 Nov 2008

Everybody Chill: THQ Confirms Fiddy Game News

Blood and sand, it's on!

23 Oct 2008

NYPD: Saints Row 2 to Encourage Depravity News

Erm... ban this sick filth?

14 Oct 2008

Saints Row 2: Full, Massive Soundtrack Revealed News

From Amerie to Mastodon via Panic At The Disco

08 Oct 2008

Saints Row 2 Gets Support from Howser News

Plus: Dark Buffy!

17 Sep 2008

Disgusting! Saints Row 2 Co-Op: Ninjas and Pirates Team Up News

All this making nice between factions will end in disaster

11 Sep 2008

The Charts: Brain Training Breaks a Record News

Mario Kart Wii Drifts in front of Wii Fit

27 Aug 2008

Rare Treats Us to Pocket Paradise Release News

That sounded more rude than we'd meant

15 Aug 2008

The Charts: Healthy Fun Slaps Hardcore Fight Fest News

Another week, another Nintendo game atop the Charts

12 Aug 2008

The Charts: SoulCalibur IV Sticks the Summer Knife in News

Nintendo becomes a bit less Fit

05 Aug 2008

The UK Video Game Charts are Belong to Nintendo News

Would all other platform holders please leave.

29 Jul 2008

Saints Row Over Porn Star's Box News

Xbox that is. And PS3.

25 Jul 2008

The Charts: LEGO Indy Makes a Break For It News

Nintendo rules the Top 10

22 Jul 2008

The Charts: Wii Fit Gets in a Brawl News

Nintendo proves its self-improvement title has stamina

15 Jul 2008

The Charts: Indiana Jones Super Smashed News

What happened to Mario & Sonic?!?!

01 Jul 2008

Latest Saints Row 2 Trailer: No Swearing Allowed News

Not even bothering to avoid the Grand Theft Issue

05 Jun 2008

THQ Signs Marvel Comics Deal News

Super Hero Squad heading to games

08 May 2008

The Charts: All That's Fit to Print News

Mario Kart Wii falls behind

29 Apr 2008

Defibrillate Your Foes in Saints Row 2 News

GTA IV-alike video right here

17 Apr 2008

THQ Challenges Guitar Hero in New Video News

... and screens!

01 Apr 2008

The UK Charts: Two on Two News

EA shoots its way into the Top 10

11 Mar 2008

Cute Cheerleaders for Nintendo Wii Balance Board News

Yup, you can live out someone's fantasy on Wii.

07 Mar 2008

Deadly Creatures To Terrorise Wii News

First video and screens inside

15 Feb 2008

THQ Challenges Guitar Hero On Wii News

Band Mashups announced

07 Feb 2008

THQ Sees Nintendo Magic News

Well, you can't have everything...

06 Feb 2008

The Charts: A Paradise for Burnout? News

2008's first big hitter revs up

29 Jan 2008

THQ Cancels Future Stuntman Titles News

A nation mourns...

24 Jan 2008

No Online for Wii Worms: A Space Oddity News

Social gaming in the good old sense of social

16 Jan 2008

THQ to Acquire Catan Developer News

Big huge deal?

15 Jan 2008

The Charts: Assassin's Creed - Kicked Ass or Ass Kicked? News

Sales take a new year hit

08 Jan 2008

Destroy All Humans in Fast Food Scandal News

When big Willies are released, things look bad for the service industry

02 Jan 2008

THQ Bottles Lesbian Kiss News

Lowest common denominator unleashed for MX vs ATV Untamed

02 Jan 2008

The Charts: Call of Duty is Assassinated News

What rides high at the start of 2008?

02 Jan 2008

Warhammer 40,000 - Guns in Space News

New trailer inside

14 Dec 2007

The Charts: Call Of Duty Re-Enters Infinity News

Has it claimed Number 1?

13 Nov 2007

Worms: Spacey New Video Inside News

Revisit the early nineties

25 Oct 2007

THQ Poor Financials And Unreal Engine "Challenges" News

Fiscal expectations lowered

23 Oct 2007

The Charts: Project Gotham Challenges FIFA News

Where's Halo 3?

16 Oct 2007

The Charts: Halo 3 Sent Off By FIFA News

Has FIFA Scored?

09 Oct 2007

Conan Gets Barbaric On XB Live - Demo Up Now News

PS3 demo to follow later this week

08 Oct 2007

The Charts: BioShocking EA Performance News

Medal of Honour: Airborne descends on the Charts

11 Sep 2007

The Charts: Has Tiger Woods Teed Off BioShock? News

Or will it land in the water?

04 Sep 2007

Team17 Wiis Out Worms News

In space, no one can hear you worm...

31 Aug 2007

The Charts: Transformers Roll Up News

New Charts Unveiled

21 Aug 2007

New Worms Open Warfare Trailer News

Trailoer reveals some new weapons and game modes.

09 Aug 2007

‘Glastonbury of Gaming’ Hits UK in August News

Massive New Consumer Gaming Expo. On a racecourse!

23 Jul 2007

THQ’s de Blob for Wii – Free PC Taster Inside News

Paint the town red. Or yellow. Or blue. Etc.

19 Jul 2007

THQ Picks Up Steam News

Or Valve's Steam service picks up THQ. Whatever.

18 Jul 2007

Warhammer 40,000 To Storm Handhelds News

Futuristic tiff mallets at the ready

19 Jun 2007

Worms Open Warfare 2: Spineless New Trailer News

Pimp my multiplayer

29 May 2007

E3 Conference Schedule Announced - Full Details Inside News

Time to feign interest

25 May 2007

New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Titles To Be Unveiled at E3 News

Perhaps we’ll see a release sometime before 2012?

17 May 2007

Student’s Cannabis Fuelled 'Saints Row Rampage' News

Is it the drugs? Is it the game? Is it the man?

15 May 2007

New Saints Row Title On The Way News

GTA-alike gets multi-platform sequel

14 May 2007

Xbox 360 GTR Dies As THQ Splits From SimBin News

Stuntman and Juiced instead

03 May 2007

The All-New Slimmed-Down E3: Exhibitors Listed News

‘The skinny’ on the, err, skinny E3 right here

23 Apr 2007

Worms Declares Open Warfare 2: Video Here News

Worms goes online

19 Apr 2007

The Charts: Did PS3 Move Games Too? News

Wii's opening weekend outdone

27 Mar 2007

GDC: Second Lifers Get Ambient Wind and Light News

And rumble effects too, courtesy of Philips amBX

07 Mar 2007

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Finished and Ready News

Gone gold! Thank Christ

06 Mar 2007

Conan Comes To Xbox 360 and PS3 – Arrgh! News

The Cimmerian makes it to the next-generation

26 Feb 2007

Chart News: Cut-Price EA Titles Back at Top News

Need for Speed, FIFA, back of the net etc.

20 Feb 2007

Something for the Weekend? Today’s UK Game Releases News

Details? Packshots? Screens? SPOnG's got em all...

16 Feb 2007

Something For The Weekend? Today’s UK Game Releases News

Loads and loads of them

09 Feb 2007

Playable Supreme Commander Right Here News

Total Annihilation successor needs to demonstrate it

07 Feb 2007

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Out in March - New Screens and Info News

An immense, sprawling behemoth of a game

30 Jan 2007

New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Trailer Right Here, Right Now News

Release (re)confirmed for next March

11 Dec 2006

The Charts: ‘Need for Speed Carbon’ Holds Firm News

New Smackdown and Call of Duty 3 biting at its heels

14 Nov 2006

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Games Out Today News

War, what is it good for? (Answer: videogames)

10 Nov 2006

WWE Champion and ‘Hot Wrestling Mama’ Pimp New Smackdown News

Making appearances at GAME in Nottingham later today

10 Nov 2006

UK Charts: Saints Row Fuels THQ Take Over at the Top News

There’s a riot going on.

05 Sep 2006

The Charts – Cars in Road Block at the Top News

The UK games industry’s midsummer coasting period.

22 Aug 2006

The Charts: Movie Cash-Ins Fail to Cash-In News

Budget bonanza as summer holiday buying trails off.

15 Aug 2006

The Charts – Cars, Guns, Magic Mushrooms, Gays News

Summer holiday buying bonanza boosts sales.

08 Aug 2006

Charts: Cars Overtakes GTA to Take Number One News

Market gets much-needed shot in the arm.

01 Aug 2006

THQ Pulls Another Next-Gen Game News

Sopranos 360 canned

28 Jul 2006

Chart News: A Good Week for Handheld Movie Cash-Ins News

Ver kids stock up on holiday games.

25 Jul 2006

Destroy All Hippies Game – Shots and Info Inside News

Latest on Destroy all Humans! 2.

06 Jul 2006

Saint’s Row – Latest on Online GTA-a-like News

GTA-Lite? Latest video and demo news inside.

29 Jun 2006

Relic's Award-winning Strategy - New Footage News

Company of Heroes - latest video inside.

29 Jun 2006

Share Slump: Wall St Analysts on the Games Industry News

Short-term bad, long-term good

19 Jun 2006

PS3 launch line-up: 15 titles expected News

At least, that’s what Sony reckons

17 May 2006

MotoGP 06 – 360 trailer News

Xbox Live stalwart’s next gen debut

27 Apr 2006

The Outfit - free online multiplayer demo News

Plus post-launch content dripfeed over Xbox Live

07 Mar 2006

The Worms Turn Back to Classic 2D News

DS + Worms + 2D Gameplay = JOY!

05 Jan 2006

THQ Furthers Homoerotic Games Drive News

Conan revealed.

10 Nov 2005

World Cyber Games: London Finals Tomorrow News

Last chance for ticket to Singapore final.

28 Oct 2005

UK Charts: Zoo Inmates Squeeze Juiced Out News

THQ's boy racer running on fumes behind Activision.

19 Jul 2005

UK Charts: Juicy times for THQ News

...and not a bit of lycra or sponge in sight.

12 Jul 2005

Juiced Makes Long-Awaited Appearance News

THQ trailer now available.

23 Mar 2005

The Sun Shoots Itself in Foot With Shoddy Quickfire Games Assault News

Research-free news sees pirate game blamed for Disney F-word.

06 Jan 2005

Nintendo unveils and dates solid line-up for early 2005 News

Capcom, THQ & Ubisoft covering the bases

27 Oct 2004

Spandex rage – WWE bribery shame claims emerge News

Insert next wrestling joke here

20 Oct 2004

Nintendo DS: Complete third party round-up - screens and details inside News

The first crop of games for the approximated launch window

11 Oct 2004

THQ acquires publishing rights to Juiced News

Which will be fermenting until summer 2005

08 Oct 2004

Rare fills out its pants with Donkey Kong's coconuts News

New GBA puzzle title looks awful in an appealing way.

13 Aug 2004

UK Charts: Grecian 2004 - for men News

Olympic fever sets in. DRIV3R sits tight.

06 Jul 2004

Dawn of War Footage Goes Over the Top News

Warhammer 40,000 RTS looking splendid.

08 Jun 2004

Moto GP 3 Races Towards Xbox and PC News

More Ultimate Racing Technology developments.

03 Jun 2004

Eidos Buy-out Rumour Continues News

EA, Activision and Ubisoft in the frame.

17 May 2004

E3 Round-up: South Hall - Filling in the gaps News

Activision, Eidos, THQ and Capcom explained

14 May 2004

THQ to buy Eidos Rumour News

Acquisition chatter from E3.

14 May 2004

E3 2004: THQ Preview News

From Chernobyl to Bikini Bottom...

10 May 2004

Nintendo DS to the Power of 100 News

Dev-kits distributed.

07 May 2004

EA's Easter Agony as Titles Fall From/Fail to Reach Top Ten News

Ubisoft and Clancy on the up - if it's Tuesday, it must be the All-Formats positions from ChartTrack.

06 Apr 2004

A Fistful of Screens From Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War News

Warhammer - been around a while, gonna be around for a while longer.

16 Mar 2004

New WWE Title for GameCube Announced News

Yukes and THQ keep faith with the world's third favourite home console.

16 Mar 2004

Sonic Advances Again News

Hedgehog on a roll in 2004.

18 Feb 2004

Punishment for PS2 and Xbox Owners News

The angriest man from Marvel Comics, The Punisher, due next year.

10 Dec 2003

Vauxhall man bags WWE wrestling diva! News

There are lots of excuses for taking a morning off work.

20 Nov 2003

FIFA's Show of Strength News

Perennial footy title shrugs off True Crime and Smackdown! in third week.

12 Nov 2003

THQ announce ECTS roster News

Includes new Smackdown.

08 Aug 2003

Is the game up? SEC moves on developer/publisher cashflow system News

It's book-burning season way out west!

22 Jul 2003

It's a great big renaming confusion! News

Misfortunate Mummy sees greater exposure in Sphinx

22 Jul 2003

Millennium Falcon GBA title revealed News

THQ shows portable gaming Solo.

25 Jun 2003

THQ shows more of Finding Nemo for Xbox News

Cute fish screens released!

25 Jun 2003

E3 Awards announced News

Non-playable games sweep the board.

11 Jun 2003

id-developed FPS confirmed for N-Gage! News

Red Faction sees 3D mobile gaming come of age.

27 Mar 2003

THQ acquires Big Mutha Truckers News

Empire boosted as all-formats US deal emerges.

18 Mar 2003

Sega GBA remakes unearthed News

Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi boil washed!

28 Dec 2002

THQ bounced out of court News

Copyright infringement sees giant panda kick The Rock’s butt.

27 Nov 2002

Wildlife Fund demands UK videogame withdrawal News

It’s madness we tell you, madness.

21 Nov 2002

Xbox Live gets Moto GP News

THQ’s US division has announced the release of a trial demo to ship with the Microsoft Xbox Live Starter Kit in November.

26 Sep 2002

THQ sponsors Have a Go Show News

MX Superfly gets its first public airing.

05 Aug 2002

ECTS back on track News

Konami, THQ and Activision back at Euro event.

28 Jul 2002

Game Boy Advance Munches Xbox News

Shocking news sees THQ bring Xbox games to Nintendo portable!

26 Jun 2002

Red Faction 2 confirmed for E3! News

Blow up walls. And we don’t mean sausages.

14 May 2002

GT Advance 2 screen overload! News

Thanks, THQ!

05 Apr 2002

Microsoft confirms UK launch plans: Full game-list inside! News

Microsoft has finally put the cap on its plans for the launch of the Xbox in the UK.

28 Feb 2002

SCEA Announces Budget Range as Console War hots up News

Our cousins across the pond will soon be enjoying discounted PlayStation 2 gaming, courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment.

27 Feb 2002

Smackdown! team debuts GameCube Wrestlemania! News

Spandex a go-go for GameCube

30 Jan 2002

Investment firms confident of continued gaming success News

Further growth expected in 2002

15 Jan 2002

Street Fighter for mobile phones revealed! First screens inside! News

Seminal fighter on the move

06 Dec 2001

THQ signs Intellivision! News

Old, old games set to feature on new technology.

28 Nov 2001

THQ acquires Rainbow studios News

THQ pips all the rest to the post in race to snap up Rinbow

08 Nov 2001

What’s in a Name? News

THQ in ‘Okay, here’s the deal’ record-straightening statement to all those news sites that got it slightly wrong.

26 Oct 2001

WWF Smackdown: Just Bring it full wrestler list News

All your favourite big sweaty dudes line up inside

23 Oct 2001

THQ snaffle rights to Moto GP for Game Boy Advance News

Giant publisher shows off biker classic.

22 Oct 2001

Moto GP Xbox Style News

High Octane Superbike Action.

22 Oct 2001

Bring on the Dedicated Website News

THQ in WWF 'www' lark to generate even more interest, if that's possible, in their upcoming Just Bring It game.

18 Oct 2001

Zoinks! More Scooby Shenanigans on the Way News

If it wasn't for you meddling kids, etc...

28 Sep 2001

New Screenshots and Info, PS2 Smackdown: Just Bring It News

Do you smell what THQ is cooking?

25 Sep 2001

Britney announces proper game tie-in with THQ News

Good news, we are sure you'll agree

13 Sep 2001

Rugrats portable fun for everyone News

Potential Christmas number one from THQ.

23 Aug 2001

THQ still flying high News

And out of nowhere comes...

28 Jun 2001

Indiana Jones Canned for Nintendo 64 Exclusive! News

N64 sinks further

20 Jun 2001

Mission-Based Snowboarding From THQ and Radical Entertainment News

Previously unseen genre hybrid alert!

17 May 2001

Wireless gaming for the mobile generation News

Just wait until the third generation of mobiles is with us.

15 May 2001

WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It coming soon News

More wrestle mayhem confirmed

30 Apr 2001

THQ snaffles Advance GT for America and Europe News

THQ's portfolio of quality titles increases yet again.

17 Apr 2001

THQ celebrates a record breaking year at top of the charts News

THQ reaches dizzy heights

12 Apr 2001

THQ signs up Ren and Stimpy creator’s new show News

Spumco's latest goes to THQ

15 Mar 2001

THQ Announces Scooby-Doo for Game Boy Advance News

THQ has bolstered its Game Boy Advance line-up, announcing Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase for Nintendo’s upcoming pocket rocket.

21 Feb 2001

The World Wrestling Federation is coming to the Xbox News

The power of the Xbox is going to meet the power of the WWF in Raw is War.

28 Jan 2001

Half-pint cutesy croissant quaffing comes to PlayStation News

Reptar rules! New Rugrats movie tie-in detailed

22 Jan 2001

New Screenshots of the scariest game of 2001 News

It’s time to sleep with the lights on! Classic super-scary movie, Evil Dead is making its way onto a console near you soon.

18 Jan 2001

Graphically fantastic boombastic RPG coming soon from THQ News

The role-playing game genre is looking more appealing with the forthcoming release of Summoner.

16 Jan 2001

Smackdown 2 is a winner all-round. News

THQ have the Rock on their side and that makes them an extremely formidable publisher.

12 Jan 2001

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