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Full name: Bethesda Softworks, LLC
Established: 1986

Head quartered in Rockville, MD, Bethesda Softworks LLC. is a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. Part of the ZeniMax Media group, Bethesda has produced numerous award-winning titles, such as The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout and worked with high profile licences for Star Trek and Pirates of the Carribean. The company's full product line spans the sport, racing, RPG, strategy, and action genres.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Bethesda's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1989 title, "Gretzky Hockey" (Amiga).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, PS2, PSP, Xbox, SNES, Amiga and Mac. Of these, "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" (Xbox 360), "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow" (PS2), "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" (PC), "Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition" (PC), "Fallout 3" (Xbox 360) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2020 release "Deathloop" (Xbox One).

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Bethesda: Doom Needs to Prove Itself News

Publisher views it as similar to Wolfenstein

07 Jul 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Guns Beat Fists News

Sniping violence beats kicking and punching violence in UK video game charts

30 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts: UFC Dogs Ubisoft News

Watch_Dogs gets a proper kicking from EA's kicking and punching game...

23 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Watch Dogs Bite FIFA News

The World Cup in Brazil still can't kick FIFA 14 to the top of the Chart-Track Charts

16 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Nintendo's Huge Boost! News

Ubisoft triumphs ahead of Mario Kart 8 but Nintendo reaps huge rewards

02 Jun 2014

32-Player Battles But Bethesda's Newie is F2P News

Battlecry is due in 2015 on PC

28 May 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Nazi Death Squad News

Wolfenstein manages to dislodge EA's grip on the charts

27 May 2014

Free Days Play for Elder Scrolls Online News

Bethesda is trying to make things better

01 May 2014

Elder Scrolls Online Held from Top of UK Videogame Chart by FIFA 14 News

11 weeks at Number 1 for FIFA

07 Apr 2014

Elder Scrolls Online Subs: A Mutal Decision News

Bethesda parent company Zenimax made sure it happened

01 Apr 2014

Wolfenstein: The New Order Video Reveals Doom 4 News

Wolfenstein: The New Order video points the way to Doom 4

19 Feb 2014

The Odd Couple: 2K and Bethesda Announce Joint Bundles News

Dishonored, Skyrim, Borderlands 2 and BioShock: Infinite included

11 Feb 2014

How Much? One Thing About Elder Scrolls Online Will Stun You News

Also watch the trailer for the Imperial Edition

29 Jan 2014

Bethesda: Skyrim PS4 and Xbox One Listings a Mistake News

Announcement tease a "hoax"

09 Jan 2014

Skyrim for PS4 and Xbox One? News

Evidence mounts

09 Jan 2014

Leaky News: Fallout 4 Set in Boston News

Leaked documents indicate a Boston location for some reason

12 Dec 2013

Elder Scrolls: Release Date Confirmed + New Game Play Video News

Get ready to meet friends and be killed by them for bantz.

11 Dec 2013

Nope, No Fallout 4 for VGX News

Or any other Bethesda titles, for that matter

06 Dec 2013

Fallout 4 Site Sounds Doomy Nibble

03 Dec 2013

Elder Scrolls Online Doomed? It's a Subscription MMO News

"The fact that the word ‘monetized’ exists points to the heart of the issue for us" says Bethesda

21 Aug 2013

Leaked Emails Say Arkane IS Developing Prey 2 News

Bethesda says it isn't

16 Aug 2013

Bethesda is Having Slight Issues with Multiplatform Development News

Easier than before, but still a tough job

08 Jul 2013

Bethesda Hedging on Sequels News

Dishonored and Rage sequels might be on the cards

04 Jul 2013

id Software President Todd Hollenshead Leaves Studio News

To pursue other interests.

27 Jun 2013

Bethesda Asks Fans to Wait For New Fallout News

"These are big games that take a long time"

20 Jun 2013

Bethesda on Prey 2 Progress: It's Simply Not Good Enough Yet News

You could cut that tension with a knife.

19 Jun 2013

Shinji Mikami Bringing the "Survival Horror" Back to "Survival Horror" News

And you get to see the trailer here.

22 Apr 2013

New Bethesda Game is Survival Horror News

Resident Evil man, Shinji Mikami, finally breaks cover.

19 Apr 2013

Bethesda: No New Skyrim News

The team is moving on... to "our biggest and best work yet"

16 Apr 2013

UK PS3 Finally Gets Skyrim DLC Dates News

Also prices for the USA

05 Feb 2013

UK Video Game Charts - Brilliant News - PS3 Exclusive Claims Top Spot News

Studio Ghibli and Level 5 bring the imagination and UK gamers buy in

04 Feb 2013

Bethesda Talks Skyrim DLC Dates for PS3... Again News

It is coming... really honestly

01 Feb 2013

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops II Reclaims Top Spot News

Dante plummets to #4.

28 Jan 2013

UK Video Game Chart: Long Live Dante! News

DmC knocks FIFA 13 off the #1 spot.

21 Jan 2013

Skyrim: PS3 DLC Arriving in February News

At last!

18 Jan 2013

Open Source Project Brings Oculus Rift Support to Mirror's Edge, Skyrim News

Half-Life 2, Portal 2 also supported.

14 Jan 2013

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA 13 Keeps It Up News

Anarchy Reigns debuts at 16.

14 Jan 2013

Fallout 3 Voice Actor Teases Follow Up Project News

Could it be Fallout 4? Or something else entirely?

09 Jan 2013

Dishonored Gets Multi-Platform Patch Today News

It fixes how to kill people. That's nice.

05 Dec 2012

Bethesda on Dishonored: 'Clearly a New Franchise' News

Sales get a good talking up

28 Nov 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops II Holds Fast Against Hitman News

PlayStation All-Stars hits a low.

26 Nov 2012

UK Charts - New Entries Battle with Assassin's Creed III News

Best first day selling title for Ubisoft ever as major releases clear the decks for CoD Blops 2

05 Nov 2012

Skyrim PC Update Here - Xbox 360 and PS3 Not - Next DLC Named as Dragonborn News

Promised updates for console will be coming... promise.

16 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Scores Hat Trick at Retail News

More people walk into a shop to buy a football game.

15 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA 13 Scares Off Resident Evil 6 News

Footie game stays at the top of the chart.

08 Oct 2012

Skyrim: Hearthfire Released on Steam PC, Still No News on PS3 Version News

Bethesda has "never blamed anyone" for PS3 performance issues.

05 Oct 2012

Dishonored: Interactive Video Shows Branching Gameplay News

Like a choose your own adventure book, but with moving pictures

04 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 13 Streaks Ahead News

No surprises as FIFA 13 scores big

01 Oct 2012

Bethesda's Relationship with Wii U is 'TBD' News

Current gen isn't holding developer back

07 Sep 2012

Skyrim: Dawnguard's PS3 Future Uncertain News

Other DLC could be problematic

31 Aug 2012

"Boring" Dishonored Browser Game Swiftly Removed News

No word on whether it will return.

30 Aug 2012

Arkane: Dishonored "Very Different" to Assassin's Creed News

Arkane's game "more systemic".

17 Aug 2012

UK Video Game Charts - Still Olympic Gold for SEGA News

SEGA hangs on to that official top spot

13 Aug 2012

UK Video Game Chart: London 2012 Stays Top With Huge Boost News

SEGA maintains gold position.

06 Aug 2012

Bethesda "Not Satisfied" With Dawnguard PS3 Performance News

Yes, this is still a problem.

03 Aug 2012

Bethesda: Skyrim DLC News for PS3 and PC Coming "Soon" News

Publisher promises more information very shortly.

30 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Chart: SEGA Gets the Gold News

Video game Olympics nabs top spot.

30 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Charts - Batman Stays Top News

Not even the 0lymp1c Games on L0nd0n 20i2 can move the Dark Knight

23 Jul 2012

Dishonored Designer: It's Been a Poor Five Years for Game Fiction News

Art directors should take more risks in creating more imaginative worlds.

19 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Charts: No More LEGO Batman Puns Left News

We made all the "Batman won't LEGO of #1 Spot" puns weeks ago.

16 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Batman Won't LEGO of Top Spot News

Gfk Charttrack's take on boxed copy video games shows some new blood

02 Jul 2012

Fresh Xbox 360 DLC Hits for Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 Today News

PS3 and PC gamers will have to wait.

26 Jun 2012

UK Video Game Chart: LEGO Dark Knight Rises News

LEGO Batman 2 claims top spot.

25 Jun 2012

Doom 3 "BFG" Edition Coming to Xbox 360, PC and PS3 News

That's right kids, Doom 3 has been reimagined for the new age.

30 May 2012

Elder Scrolls Online at Last! News

Skyrim online coming along...

03 May 2012

Shinji Mikami Defines "A true Survival Horror Game" News

Bethesda Publishes Art for New Shinji Mikami Horror Game

26 Apr 2012

UK Video Games Charts: Witcher 2 is the New Skyrim News

Well, it debuts at #1 and has fans squeeee'ing about it.

23 Apr 2012

Rumour: Prey 2 Development Halted in November News

Contract negotiations allegedly to blame

20 Apr 2012

Activision Dominates MCV Awards News

Ubisoft, Bethesda and EA also honoured

20 Apr 2012

Bethesda On Prey 2: "We Regret Disappointing Our Fans" News

Basically the damned game is not damn well ready, okay!?

19 Apr 2012

Kinect Kontrol Knews: Official - Skyrim Gets Flailing About Support! News

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - yes, Xbox 360 gets Kinect control

12 Apr 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Kinect Star Wars is No.1 News

The Force is... no, we won't do it.

10 Apr 2012

Eerie New Dishonored Screens Nibble

19 Mar 2012

Mojang and Bethesda Court News

All good, no court!

12 Mar 2012

Report: LulzSec Leader Sells Out His Own Organisation to FBI News

FBI: "We're chopping off the head of LulzSec."

06 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Charts - UFC Undisputed Number 1 News

Thank goodness it's not boxing, right?

20 Feb 2012

Bethesda Knew of Skyrim PS3 Memory Issues News

Bad memory situations were "obvious" to development team.

16 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Kingdoms of Amalur Hits Home Run News

Darkness also falls across all formats and all prices

13 Feb 2012

Valve Creates Portal 2 Space Core Mod for Skyrim News

Now you're playing with Nolan North.

08 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Final Fantasy Leads Japanese Assault News

Metal Gear and SoulCalibur also land in Top 10.

06 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Resident Evil Brings The Horror News

But FIFA 12 holds on

30 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 12 Wins - Nothing Changes News

January is the cruellest - or at least most boring month in gaming

23 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Chart: No Change, FIFA Still Top News

Fitness games lightly shuffle chart.

16 Jan 2012

Bethesda Confirms Layoffs at id Software News

It's normal, apparently.

11 Jan 2012

Bethesda Settles Lawsuit with Interplay, Fallout MMO Rights "Restored" News

IP is now exclusive property of Bethesda.

10 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA 12 Still Top News

Sales slump across the board.

09 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Scores in Final Minutes of 2011 News

The Top 10 is full of threes.

03 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Xmas Charts! Skyrim Wins News

An Xmas without FIFA or Call of Duty at Number 1 - WTF?

19 Dec 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Modern Warfare 3 Increases Sales News

FIFA 12 also grows, and Mario Kart 7 comes in...

05 Dec 2011

Skyrim Patch for PS3 Live and Detailed News

Details of patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are live

29 Nov 2011

UK Video Games Charts: Saints Row 3 Beats Out Skyrim News

UK Video Game Charts more predictable news: MW3 stays at #1

28 Nov 2011

UK Video Game Charts - Skyrim vs Assassin's Creed News

And yes, Modern Warfare 3 is still Number 1

21 Nov 2011

Bethesda: Fallout New Vegas Awards Vindicate Bugs News

Plus: Skyrim will attract non-RPG fans.

02 Nov 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Battlefield 3 Takes Command News

Skylanders debuts at #9.

31 Oct 2011

Fallout: Another Bad Day in Court for Bethesda News

Bethesda loses appeal decision against Interplay on Fallout MMO

27 Oct 2011

New Skyrim Trailer has Cinematic Madness News

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gets its fifth trailer.

24 Oct 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Batman Scores Over Soccer News

Rocksteady's Batman goes straight to the top.

24 Oct 2011

Minecraft's Mojang Wins Scrolls in Court Ruling vs Bethesda News

A good day in court for the 'littler' guy

18 Oct 2011

Winning Eleven Wins on PS3 in Japan Game Charts News

Media Create Charts are in...

13 Oct 2011

Leaked Manual Spills The Beans On What We'll See In Skyrim News

Culinary arts! Arguments! Nicking stuff!

11 Oct 2011

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Resists RAGE for Top Spot News

Dark Souls debuts at #3! Hurrah!

10 Oct 2011

Mojang vs Bethesda: Return of the Lawyer News

Behold the crushing inevitability of the legal system.

07 Oct 2011

Mojang vs Bethesda: The Notch Strikes Back News


04 Oct 2011

Skyrim Gets Three Oscar Nominees for Voice Cast News

Ming the Merciless and the hot one from Babylon 5? Winner!

27 Sep 2011

Bethesda Band Wagon - Wii U for Skyrim is a Maybe News

"We'll look at any platform" says Bethesda PR chap.

26 Sep 2011

Prepare For Skyrim with The Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition News

For the eight people who didn't get the GOTY version

20 Sep 2011

Doom Moves out of Porn Shops in Germany News

18 years is a long time...

01 Sep 2011

RAGE Trailer: Into the Gearhead Vault News

Four and a half minutes of in-game footage

26 Aug 2011

GAME Denies Colluding with Publishers to Boycott Steam News

Rumours of locking games out of digital platform.

26 Aug 2011

Bethesda Showcases RAGE, Prey 2, Skyrim at GAMEfest News

First time RAGE will be playable to the UK public.

24 Aug 2011

Will Bethesda Have the Balls to Settle the Scrolls Suit the Gamer Way? News

Is the big company all a Quake ?

17 Aug 2011

Bethesda Suing Minecraft Makers News

Scrolls of legal nonsense

08 Aug 2011

Bethesda: We Need a Single Console Future News

Todd Howard wants games to be like DVDs

05 Aug 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Zumba Rumbas for 5th Week Running News

Harry Potters about in 7th.

18 Jul 2011

Want a Skyrim Demo? Bethesda Says 'No' News

Wait for your horse armour, just wait!

14 Jul 2011

UK Video Game Charts - Zumba Fitness Keeps Going News

But Call of Duty makes a Top 10 return..

11 Jul 2011

Bethesda: Skyrim is "Our Crown Jewel" News

so, Rage... not so much then?

01 Jul 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Zumba Fitness Keeps Top Spot News

Shadows of the Damned doesn't fare so well.

27 Jun 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Hardcore Nostalgia Unfit for Top News

Zumba Fitness beats Zelda

20 Jun 2011

Another Video Game Publisher Confirms User Data Hack News

Now waiting for the fallout

14 Jun 2011

LulzSec Threatens Bethesda Brink Bring-Down News

Freedom of speech defended by, erm, stopping things working

13 Jun 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Cole Cleans Up News

LA Noire keeps hold of the top spot.

31 May 2011

UK Video Game Charts: On the Brink News

aka Gamers don't need reviewers

16 May 2011

Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts DLC Unveiled News

Trailer and screenshots ahoy!

11 May 2011

Bethesda Confirms Prey 2 News

No 3D realms or 2K

14 Mar 2011

Skyrim Creationism Challenge for New Parents News

Name your child

21 Feb 2011

Rage! Latest id Software Trailer has Post Apocalyptic Violence News

Bethesda and id team up for smashing fun

17 Feb 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops Takes Back #1 News

DC Universe Online enters the Top 10.

17 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Still Top of Table News

Fitness reigns.

10 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Takes Black Ops News

Final week of 2010 chart domination denied!

04 Jan 2011

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Video Moving Images News

Spilt blood, could get messy

13 Dec 2010

Elder Scrolls Oblivion V is a Go News

According to a bloke on a plane

23 Nov 2010

Xbox 360 Exclusive Fallout New Vegas DLC Coming December 21st News

And it's called Dead Money

17 Nov 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Black Ops 1 vs Kinect 4 News

Kinect Sports highest placed Kinect game

15 Nov 2010

Fallout: New Vegas Goes to the Bank Baby News

Generates $300m in retail sales

09 Nov 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Football Manager 2011 Tops the League News

Beats FIFA 11 to the throne of footy games.

08 Nov 2010

Fallout: New Vegas Save Corruption Patches Coming News

Plus PC graphics boost.

08 Nov 2010

Bethesda Parent Expands its Gaming Family News

Brings another studio into its fold

05 Nov 2010

Resident Evil Creator Joins Bethesda Family News

Zenimax expands Eastwards

28 Oct 2010

UK Video Games Charts: Fallout Gamble Pays Off News

New Vegas beats Medal of Honor

25 Oct 2010

Fallout: New Vegas PC Patch Released News

Should help stop it from Crapping out.

21 Oct 2010

Bethesda Owner Wants to Buy More - Gets $150 Million News

Zenimax on the acquisition trail

07 Oct 2010

Respawn Not in Cahoots with Bethesda News

Rumours of collaboration just that for now

16 Aug 2010

Rage Release Date Revealed News

September folks

16 Aug 2010

Zenimax Buys Arkane Studios for Bethesda News

Becomes part of Bethesda Softworks studio network

13 Aug 2010

Fallout New Vegas Gets Felicia Day, Michael Dorn and More News

Game boasts voice acting talent galore

10 Aug 2010

Bethesda: iPhone Games on the Back Burner - Wii Games No Go News

As for Facebook... nope.

30 Jul 2010

Bethesda and the E3 Line Up Nibble

02 Jun 2010

Fallout: New Vegas To Feature Series Mainstays News

Huge war between New California Republic and Caesar's Legion.

24 May 2010

Bethesda Director: Natal APIs Should Be "Open" Like iPhone News

We're seeing a pattern here...

20 May 2010

Japanese Software Charts: NieR Leads RPG Charge News

PS3 version kicks 360 edition to the ground.

30 Apr 2010

New Brink Trailer - Best Trailer So Far This Year? News

Gorgeous looking game

12 Mar 2010

New Details For New Vegas: Post-Apocalyptic Western News

Fallout 1 and 2 developers Obsidian working on new title.

08 Mar 2010

Brink Writer Reveals Eco-City Concept News

Wants to "let players make up their own mind" about what's wrong or right.

05 Mar 2010

Hines: Fallout New Vegas Starts with a 'Curve Ball' News

Bethesda starts the roll-out

17 Feb 2010

Fallout New Vegas for Autumn - Trailer Here News

Follow-up to Fallout 3 before Xmas

04 Feb 2010

Licensing Fallout Continues: Interplay CEO Slams Bethesda News

Says Bethesda planning its own Fallout MMO.

02 Feb 2010

Bethesda Seeking to Remove World of Warcraft-Style MMO from Court Records News

News on new MMO slipped into testimony

20 Jan 2010

The Charts: Uncharted 2 Gets Charted at Two News

Also; good news for heavy metallers this week.

19 Oct 2009

Eliza Dushku to Bring Rubi to the Flicks News

Eliza Dushku says Rubi character "could turn into a live action" movie

09 Oct 2009

UK Games Industry Slams Supermarket Price Wars News

FIFA 10 the start of an "unnecessary and worrying" trend for industry.

08 Oct 2009

Zenimax Brands Wii Game with Bethesda News

Medieval Games for Wii.

22 Sep 2009

Fallout 3 GOTY Plus First PS3 DLC Confirmed News

More radioactive fun.

17 Sep 2009

Bethesda Taking Legal Action on Fallout News

Suing Interplay

14 Sep 2009

Bethesda Signs Up Wii-Exclusive Wheelspin News

Archer Maclean's studio behind it

04 Aug 2009

Bethesda Confirms Fallout 3's Final DLC News

Mothership Zeta last on the list

03 Aug 2009

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta's Un-Motherly Weapons News

Plus: new perk details

21 Jul 2009

Bethesda Delays PlayStation 3 Fallout 3 DLC News

But is very nice about it...

13 Jul 2009

Quake 1,2,3 for iPhone News

And a new team emerges

30 Jun 2009

Bethesda Parent Buys Wolfenstein id Software News

Zenimax acquires id...

24 Jun 2009

Fallout 3 iPhone: Rejected News

Could Still Happen. Maybe. One day...

08 Jun 2009

Bethesda: DLC Not Reaching Enough Gamers News

Gamers still want something to hold

29 May 2009

Bethesda and Splash Damage On the Brink News

Teaser video here!

29 May 2009

Embargo Done: Fallout 3 DLC Hitting the PS3 News

Plus: more new content coming!

19 May 2009

Bethesda Eyes up Wii News

Announcement coming this year

18 May 2009

Official: Fallout 3: Broken Steel Now Un-Broken News

Back on Games for Windows

08 May 2009

Fallout 3: Broken Steel PC - Fixed? News

Still no official word on fix from Bethesda

06 May 2009

Bethesda: Broken Steel: Microsoft 'Is Working on It' News

It was Microsoft wot done did it

05 May 2009

Fallout 3: Broken Steel on PC... Broken? News

DLC problems plague Bethesda again

05 May 2009

UK Games Industry Loses the Plot News

Major figures - and minor ones - in boyband video

28 Apr 2009

Confirmed: Bethesda Getting Wet News

Culled Sierra title finds new home

27 Apr 2009

Star Wars Author for Elder Scrolls Novels News

Books confirmed

27 Apr 2009

MCV Awards: The Winners Nibble

24 Apr 2009

Fallout 3: Broken Steel Dated, New Screenery News

Coming in two weeks

21 Apr 2009

Confirmed: New Fallout Game is Vegas News

Obsidian to develop

20 Apr 2009

Bethesda vs Interplay in Fallout MMO Fight! News

Legal proceedings on the horizon

16 Apr 2009

GDC: Fallout 3 Grabs Game of the Year News

LittleBigPlanet wins on numbers

26 Mar 2009

Fallout 3: The Pitt Returns News

Now back on Xbox Live

26 Mar 2009

Fallout 3: The Pitt Returning Soon News

The word from Bethesda

25 Mar 2009

Fallout 3: The Pitt is Pulled from Live News

Terse Twitter confirms DLC twatting

24 Mar 2009

Fallout 3: The Pitt in New Pictures News

New screens!

12 Mar 2009

Fallout 3 Designer: Game Play Not Enough News

It's story time.

03 Mar 2009

Fallout 3 DLC Delayed News

Both new packs coming a month late

09 Feb 2009

Icy New Fallout 3 DLC Screens News

Get your long johns out...

15 Jan 2009

Fallout 3 Cures Zombie NPCs News

Plus: DLC dated

14 Jan 2009

Frostbitten Fallout 3 DLC Screens News

Get your eyeballs frozen right here

12 Dec 2008

Fallout 3 DLC Detailed News

Stealthy combat, a frozen landscape, and more...

11 Dec 2008

UK Video Game Charts: Duty Calls News

Nintendo shows well

09 Dec 2008

Splash Damage gets Syphon Filter Dude News

He's also Lionhead's Fable II lead designer.

08 Dec 2008

Fallout 3: Censorship for All! News

Australian drug edits made it into global release

10 Sep 2008

Fallout 3 is Dated News

Plus: new screens and no pun in headline

21 Aug 2008

Fallout 3 Australia Release Craziness News

Will they, won't they?

04 Aug 2008

Monday Morning Fallout 3 News

New screens!

04 Aug 2008

Splash Damage Beefs Up News

New staff brought on board for multi-format push

22 Jul 2008

Fallout 3 Banned by Hypocritic Bureaucrats News

They just make you worse...

10 Jul 2008

Fallout 3 and Face Rot News

Plus - Australian Classification Board hates on Bethesda RPG

10 Jul 2008

Fallout 3's 200 Endings Get Pinch of Salt News

But... how much do they differ?

26 Mar 2008

Fallout 3 Set For Simultaneous Multi-Platform Release News

Plus: don't call Bethesda's game a shooter!

18 Feb 2008

Bethesda On Forthcoming Elder Scrolls MMO News

Latest on its new MMO group ‘ZeniMax Online Studios’

05 Nov 2007

New Oblivion Downloadable – Fighter’s Stronghold 360/PC Only News

Lest we forget Bethesda’s RPG behemoth

11 Oct 2007

This Week In PC Gaming: Quake, Macs, Fallout News

Would you believe, a Mac you could play a half-decent game on?

09 Aug 2007

Star Trek Gets Wii-ed On: First Screens News

Wii gets beamed up or some such cliché

03 Aug 2007

Bethesda's Daddy Sets Up MMO Studio News

Elder Scrolls MMO on the way?

02 Aug 2007

E3 Round Up: Games of the Show – EA’s Skate News

Wheat from chaff sifting right here

17 Jul 2007

“Violence Done Well Is F**kin’ Hilarious" Says Fallout 3 Exec News

Juicy new Fallout 3 details inside

02 Jul 2007

Fallout 3 Trailer Inside News

Out on PS3, 360 and PC Autumn 2008. Fall if you are American.

06 Jun 2007

Fallout 3 – Latest Art Inside News

Bethesda's teaser trailer striptease starts here

30 May 2007

Sky Launches Games Portal News

Big boys lend their support

11 May 2007

This Week in PC Gaming: Van Buren, Nvidia Fallout News

See what Fallout 3 could have looked like

10 May 2007

Liam Neeson's Voice Bags Role In Fallout 3 News

Aaah, that fatherly Irish burr

08 May 2007

Elder Scrolls Shivering Isles Patched News

Xbox 360 owners still suffering

12 Apr 2007

Euro Xbox Boss Says Downloads Don't Threaten Retail News

Chris Lewis responds to worries about Shivering Isles

16 Mar 2007

Elder Scrolls Puts Pressure On Retailers News

Xbox Live price announced

09 Mar 2007

GDC: Gears of War Cleans Up At Awards News

Game Developers Choice Awards dishes out the honours

08 Mar 2007

Developers to Cross ‘Uncanny Valley’ Within Two Years News

At least, according to Obsidian’s David Kunkler

20 Feb 2007

Oblivion: Shivering Isles – Drug Taking Madness! News

Plus latest screens, art and more inside

16 Feb 2007

Fallout 3 to Hit PC and XBOX 360? News

Coming out or going into Oblivion?

24 Jan 2007

New Expansion For Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion News

Release for PC, 360, and PS3

19 Jan 2007

Oblivion To Miss PS3 Launch, Half-Life 2 Slips News

Full, shameful pre-Christmas slippage update inside

10 Nov 2006

Oblivion: Knights of the Nine – Full Details on Expansion News

A snip, at 800 Microsoft points

06 Nov 2006

Bethesda’s New FPS - Rogue Warrior News

Full details and first screens inside

27 Oct 2006

Oblivion for the PlayStation 3 News

Plus a handy travel edition for your PSP.

29 Sep 2006

Star Trek Aural Sex! News

Captain voiceover orgy revealed

15 Aug 2006

New Oblivion Add-on – Goonies Pirate Ship! News

Bethesda on ‘Thieves Den’ download.

18 May 2006

Oblivion does the business News

More than 1.7 million sold

11 Apr 2006

Geeks Go Nude in Oblivion News

We can only ask why...

06 Apr 2006

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – New Screens News

Hands-on with contender for game of year.

01 Mar 2006

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Confirmed For PC and Next-Gen Console Release News

Bethesda's well-respected RPG series still going strong

13 Sep 2004

Fallout 3 Confirmed, Bethesda Rescues RPG Franchise from Interplay News

New deal sees Bethesda develop and publish Fallout titles.

13 Jul 2004

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