Activision Blizzard

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Full name: Activision Blizzard
Established: 3 Dec 2007

Activision is an American video game developer and publisher. It was founded on the 1st of October 1979 and was the first independent developer and distributor of video games for gaming consoles.

On the 2nd of December, 2007, it was announced that Activision would be acquired by Vivendi. The merger took place on the 9th of July, 2008, with the newly formed company known as Activision Blizzard. Activision still exists as a subsidiary owned by Activision Blizzard, and it will still develop and publish games such as Call of Duty, and Guitar Hero.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Activision Blizzard's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1997 title, "Starcraft" (PC).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, 3DS/2DS, PSVita, Wii U, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, iPad, iPhone, Android, PS2, PSP and Mac. Of these, "Call of Duty: World at War" (PS2), "Call of Duty: Black Ops" (PS3), "Call of Duty: Black Ops" (Xbox 360), "Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades" (DS/DSi), "Call of Duty: Black Ops" (PC) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2019 release "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare" (Xbox One).

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Activision Refuses to Release CoD Ghost Sales Figures News

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07 May 2014

Activision Spending $500,000,000 on Destiny News

Kotick betting a part of the farm on new shooter

06 May 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Spidey Kills Titanfall News

Film tie-in beats football to the top and Mario places low

06 May 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - New Video Features Dark Forces News

New CoD gets an infographic and another new video

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Sledgehammer Call of Duty Naming Dated News

Announcement comes in regarding announcement

01 May 2014

Blizzard: Hearthstone Validates Free-to-Play News

At least this is what Blizzard is keen to convey

29 Apr 2014

On Film: New Skylanders Game Revealed News

Skylanders Trap Team gets

24 Apr 2014

New Face for Call of Duty 2014 Revealed News

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UK Video Games Charts - inFamous Wins Again News

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UK Video Game Charts - PS4 Exclusive Wins News

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24 Mar 2014

Diablo III Finally Kills Auctions News

After six months the system finally dies.

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UK Game Charts - South Park Rules News

Thief is banged up...

10 Mar 2014

Activision at War with EA: Free Call of Duty MP News

Activision going head-to-head with Electronic Arts in Shooter War

05 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Stolen News

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03 Mar 2014

Call of Duty Elite to Close News

Activision's community for older CoD games to be replaced

26 Feb 2014

Blizzard Explains Warcraft Paid for Level Boost News

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor buyer boost extended

25 Feb 2014

Activision Confirms New Tony Hawk Game News

Oh god nooooooo!!! Skater old-boy coming at you again

21 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 14 Broken by LEGO News

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UK Video Game Charts - FIFA's Back News

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UK Video Game Charts: FIFA Tackled by Lara Croft News

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Activision in Crisis Talks with Leeds Games Studio News

The Blast Furnace is in the crosshairs

31 Jan 2014

Call of Duty Ghosts: Update and Leaks News

Tweaky, tweaky, tweaks for Call of Duty come in with some maps news.

28 Jan 2014

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 14 Again News

Nothing changes at this time of year

27 Jan 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Still FIFA 14 News

Post-Xmas torpor means no real changes in the games charts

21 Jan 2014

Blizzard Warns of Super-Trojan in World of Warcraft News

Blizzard warns of security breach that circumvents checks

06 Jan 2014

Last UK Video Game Charts of 2013 News

Does bang! Bang! Pew! Wooosh! beat "I say ref!"?

30 Dec 2013

UK Video Game Xmas Charts: FIFA Beats CoD News

Sport wins the loves of grannies and aunties this year

23 Dec 2013

Call of Duty Ghosts Sales Concern News

And this bodes badly for all AAA games.

17 Dec 2013

UK Video Game Charts: Gran Turismo 6 Crashes News

Sony's PS3-only title has a terrible opening

09 Dec 2013

World of Warcraft Movie Cast Gets True Blood News

Cast confirmed in David Bowie Jr's film

05 Dec 2013

Activision Thinks Critics are Wrong about CoD News

It's not a stale format, look at the fan reaction

04 Dec 2013

UK Video Game Charts Spell Bad News for Nintendo News

The great hope for the Wii U can't make it to the Top 10

02 Dec 2013

Blizzard Apologies for Sexualisation Talk News

Man makes lengthy apology about not thinking in the right direction and slipping his tongue

25 Nov 2013

UK Video Game Charts - Surprise! News

Actually no surprise at all - Call of Duty Ghosts is #1

11 Nov 2013

Activision Explains Lower CoD: Ghosts Wholesale Price News

But did you end up paying less?

08 Nov 2013

World of Warcraft - More Resources than Ever News

Blizzard defending its once all conquering MMO

08 Nov 2013

Activision and the Billion Dollar Call of Duty Brag News

Numbers come tumbling on sales but there's a funny smell too

06 Nov 2013

Caught on Film: Call of Duty Ghosts - Cut'n'Paste-Scene News

Isn't it time we all admitted that single-player is not important in CoD?

06 Nov 2013

Watch the Call of Duty Ghosts Launch Battle Here News

Launching tonight in the UK...

04 Nov 2013

Caught on Film - Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC News

Free Fall DLC bonus multiplayer map already? Sure, why not.

01 Nov 2013

Graphics Whore Hell! Call of Duty Ghosts: 720p Upscaling News

PS4 vs Xbox One in graphics war.

31 Oct 2013

Caught on Film: Game Play Call of Duty Ghosts News

The year is set to play out with bangs and whistles

22 Oct 2013

Court Stops Activision Deal News

Activision rushes to confirm deal is still on

19 Sep 2013

Diablo III - The Auction House that Failed News

Blizzard pulls its auction house

18 Sep 2013

UK Video Game Chart - Hold Your Breath News

As Saints Row holds on - the GTA V storm is about to break

16 Sep 2013

Caught on Film: Call of Duty Ghosts Space Fight!! News

Yes, they've jumped all the way into space

10 Sep 2013

UK Video Game Charts - The GTA V Effect News

Farming Simulator joins other new releases in the last week before GTA V releases

09 Sep 2013

Watch Call of Duty: Ghosts Gamescom Multiplayer Showcase Livestream - HERE News

Check out the bangtastic title streaming live

21 Aug 2013

Call of Duty Ghost PS3 to PS4 Detailed News

How much to move Ghosts from 3 to 4.

21 Aug 2013

Watch the Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Here News

Activision making huge splash of new CoD

14 Aug 2013

Activision Sued Over Share Deal News

Kotick and insiders to make a 'staggering windfall' claims unhappy Activision stockholder

05 Aug 2013

UK Video Games Chart: So Long Pikmin News

Minecraft maintains its top spot

05 Aug 2013

Activision Reignites Always-On Console Row News

Robert Kotick reveals the truth behind the faux shock

02 Aug 2013

World Of Warcraft Loses 1.3 Million Subscribers News

Has the game jumped the panda?

26 Jul 2013

Activision 'Goes Indie' with Kotick as Head News

Huge share buy back sees Activision leaving Vivendi

26 Jul 2013

World of Warcraft Subscribers Plummet News

Sad Pandaria as Free-to-Play bites into online gaming

09 May 2013

Retailer to Boycott Activison Games News

Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-orders cause ShopTo to go to war

07 May 2013

It's Official - Call of Duty: Ghosts Announced News

Date announced, next-gen confirmed, video here

02 May 2013

Diablo III PlayStation Pre-Orders are Go News

Still waiting for the big, big news...

30 Apr 2013

New Call of Duty Accidentally Outed Online News

Game is named by Tesco

24 Apr 2013

UK Games Charts - BioShocked Bothered by Heroes News

Fighting game beats shooting game to top charts

22 Apr 2013

UK Games Charts - BioShocked as Lara Kicks Gears News

No surprise at multiformat #1 from 2K....

02 Apr 2013

UK Video Games Charts: Tomb Raider Beats God of War News

Also beats SimCity and Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

18 Mar 2013

Sam Raimi Slams Blizzard Upside their Business Over Warcraft Movie Mess-Up News

When games companies play in HollywoodLand

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UK Charts - Crysis for Metal Gear Rising News

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25 Feb 2013

UK Video Game Charts: Aliens Murder Reviewers News

Aliens: Colonial Marines defies the critics to go top of the charts!

18 Feb 2013

UK Video Game Charts - Brilliant News - PS3 Exclusive Claims Top Spot News

Studio Ghibli and Level 5 bring the imagination and UK gamers buy in

04 Feb 2013

Activision Talks Region Locking as Free Markets Tumble News

Why region locking is policing...

29 Jan 2013

Cops Raid Call of Duty House in Murder Mishap News

Swedish police come a cropper on teen bust

28 Jan 2013

Call of Duty Black Ops II - Revolution DLC Video Here News

Not convinced about paying for more Blops 2 - watch the video

10 Jan 2013

Mad Management Merry-Go-Round at Activision in the UK News

Old Activision UK MD takes over from man who replaced him

03 Jan 2013

In-Game Footage of New Walking Dead Game is Live News

Watch the video of the zombies and the attacking and the gore and the fear... and the axes and the broken bottles and the stabbing in the head and the blood... right here folks

02 Jan 2013

Bobby Kotick Hits Out at Critics - Says They are "A Small Number" News

Claims he does play games... Skylanders

17 Dec 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Pre-Xmas Black Ops II Win News

Much much Xmas cheer as shooter remains top

17 Dec 2012

PC Gamers Split Sides News: Blizzard has Diablo III Running on Console News

Prepare for the sound of graphics cards to be thrown...

11 Dec 2012

Call Of Duty 2013 - Phuket, Cancer and More Modern Warfare News

Quotes from voice guys indicate more of the same but different for next year's CoD

15 Nov 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Halo 4 Hits Before Black Ops II Bursts Out News

Halo 4 makes its mark in the week before multi-format Black Ops II releases

12 Nov 2012

Live Stream Your Own Death Again and Again with Black Ops II New Youtube Feature News

For God's sakes just leave those n00bs alone!!!!!

08 Nov 2012

Activision in the Money But Still No Buyer News

Third quarter financials look good for Kotick and crew with the help of the IRS and a tax payment

08 Nov 2012

UK Charts - New Entries Battle with Assassin's Creed III News

Best first day selling title for Ubisoft ever as major releases clear the decks for CoD Blops 2

05 Nov 2012

Activision Cites Strategy Shift for Xmas Lay Offs News

Cutting 20% of staff from Minneapolis office

01 Nov 2012

Call of Duty Map Edited After Religious Backlash News

Arabic text forces image change on Favela map.

23 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Charts: EA Kicks Activision's Monsters in the Nuts News

FIFA 13 battles Skylanders and wins. James Bond 007 loses out horribly...

22 Oct 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - TV Advert Gets Own Advert News

The TV advert is coming tonight, but let's have a trailer for that advert. After all.... why not?

16 Oct 2012

Watch Out Bobby Kotick: Vivendi Increases Hold on Activision News

Vivendi's chairman joins board of Activision/Blizzard

16 Oct 2012

Activision Makes Significant Changes to Call of Duty DLC Delivery in Black Ops II News

Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC to be Sold Separately via the Discounted Season Pass Bundle or a la carte as Individual Map Packsd

16 Oct 2012

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Gets New Mode News

Yes, that's right Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3...

02 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 13 Streaks Ahead News

No surprises as FIFA 13 scores big

01 Oct 2012

Black Ops II - Zombies - Video - Scary - Wooo! News

Basically, it's Blops II with the dead or infected or cursed or.... it's got zombies

20 Sep 2012

Black Ops II Campaign Missions & Multiplayer Maps Leaked News

So says that Internet's rumour mills....

17 Sep 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Sleeping Dogs Won't Lie News

Square Enix returns to the top spot in the UK games charts

10 Sep 2012

Daily Mail Uses Teen Death to Tar Call of Duty Video Game News

Quotes coroner on age ratings uses Brevik for colour.

05 Sep 2012

Black Ops II - say Goodbye to Windows XP News

Minimum PC specs kill off old operating system

03 Sep 2012

Entire Nations Ban-Hammered from World of Warcraft News

They got a letter from the government... well, an email from Blizzard

29 Aug 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Special Editions Priced News

Game Group gets some exclusive love

29 Aug 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Transformers Can't Let the Dogs Out News

Sleeping Dogs holds off Darksiders too.

28 Aug 2012

UK Video Game Charts - the Olympics Dies at the Feet of Sleeping Dogs News

But long-ass-winded headlines carry on in praise of Square Enix's game

20 Aug 2012

War is Boring as Call of Duty Goes e-Sports News

Treyarch and Activision repositioning CoD

14 Aug 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Multi-Player: No Kill Streaks News

Replaced with much nicer sounding "Score Streaks"

14 Aug 2012

UK Video Game Charts - Still Olympic Gold for SEGA News

SEGA hangs on to that official top spot

13 Aug 2012

Blizzard Hacked - Warning Issued News

That can't be good for Vivendi trying to sell Activison/Blizzard

10 Aug 2012

Activision 'Reboots' Pitfall as Rockstar Red Dead Man Joins Team News

Gordon Hall joins Activision's new Leeds studio

09 Aug 2012

Modern Warfare 3: Final DLC Confirmed, Chaos Mode Revealed News

Landing August and September.

02 Aug 2012

Activision Slammed for Call of Duty MW3 TV Ad that Scared Kids News

Advertising Standards Authority gums the hell out of Activision

25 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Charts - Batman Stays Top News

Not even the 0lymp1c Games on L0nd0n 20i2 can move the Dark Knight

23 Jul 2012

Kotick Crew Looking to Buy Activision News

"Activision executives, including CEO Robert Kotick, are interested in such a deal..."

20 Jul 2012

Barclays and Goldman Sachs to Assist Activision/Blizzard Sale News

Vivendi can't do it by itself!

19 Jul 2012

Activision Forced Nintendo into Controller Spend News

This is the claim made by "I don't like gossip but..." man Michael Pachter

16 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Charts: No More LEGO Batman Puns Left News

We made all the "Batman won't LEGO of #1 Spot" puns weeks ago.

16 Jul 2012

Vivendi Struggling to Sell Activision/Blizzard News

A $1.8 Billion holding in a games company is not easy to shift.

16 Jul 2012

Vivendi Bankers Hawking Activision Sale to Microsoft News

It's incredibly unlikely to even start let alone complete though...

11 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Batman LEGO of #1 for Goodness Sake! News

Warners cute-combo hangs onto #1 spot

09 Jul 2012

Activision "Always Wanted Rockstar Guys" News

Activision in Leeds Rockstar staff are key.

06 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Batman Won't LEGO of Top Spot News

Gfk Charttrack's take on boxed copy video games shows some new blood

02 Jul 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops Vita Authentic Packshot Here News

PlayStation Vita version of best-selling soldier game is real

20 Jun 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Football Beats Females News

Lollipop Chainsaw is out-scored by FIFA 12

18 Jun 2012

Blizzard Bans Thousands from Diablo III News

It maybe only a game but seriously... bans are in.

13 Jun 2012

UK Video Game Charts: No One Can Blow the Future Soldier Off News

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier sits at number 1

11 Jun 2012

Activision Blizzard Parent Looking to Sell News

Vivendi rumoured to be selling off game division

07 Jun 2012

UK Video Games Charts: Ghost Recon Haunts Top Spot News

A calm chart with little happening as E3 prepares to rage or outrage

04 Jun 2012

Diablo III Delay on Real Money Auctions - Talks Security News

Blizzard issues hot fixes but RTA slips out of May

25 May 2012

Despite Server Problems and Hacks - Diablo III Sets New Sales Record News

"PC-Game Launch Record" is the new benchmark for games sales stories apparently

23 May 2012

Activision and Bungie: It's "Xbox 720" News

Legal document also reveals that Bungie is to develop four 'sci-fantasy, action shooter games,' code-named 'Destiny for Activision

22 May 2012

Ex-Activision Director Told To "Dig Up Dirt On Jason and Vince" By Legal Officer News

Best plot either EA or Activision have ever come up with

17 May 2012

Activision and EA Settle $400 Million Developer Case Out of Court News

Zampella and West's legal modern warfare goes no further

17 May 2012

Diablo III - Live but Dead as Error 37 Enters History News

Servers not serving Diablo III

15 May 2012

UK Video Game Charts - No Change is Good. No Change is Good. Repeat News

Sniper Elite V2 retains the top spot.

14 May 2012

Activision/Blizzard - Millions of CoD and WoW Active Users News

Phwoar! ActiBlizz has good figures!

10 May 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Future Soldier News

Pack shots... new screens... pumped for awesome (etc etc)

02 May 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Dated News

Target packaging that definitely can't be forged with an inkjet printer proves it... honest.

30 Apr 2012

Activision Parent Company Stupified by Talk of Break-Up News

Vivendi is not breaking up... at all... for now...

27 Apr 2012

Call Of Duty Elite: "There’s A Lot Of People We Pissed Off" News

Activision release a mistake was made...

25 Apr 2012

Call of Duty 2012 Incarnation Teased News

Get ready to Pwn some nooer noobz!

23 Apr 2012

UK Video Games Charts: Witcher 2 is the New Skyrim News

Well, it debuts at #1 and has fans squeeee'ing about it.

23 Apr 2012

Sex Offenders 'Purged' from Xbox Live & PlayStation Network News

Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers, Disney Interactive, Blizzard and Apple also involved as paedophiles have accounts suspended in New York State

06 Apr 2012

UK Charts - Electronic Arts Basically Owns It News

The All Format's chart

02 Apr 2012

Diablo III Gets UK Street Date - Priced Same for Digital and Boxed News

Seriously, digital and boxed copies of the game costing makes joke of previous arguments.

15 Mar 2012

GAME Group Leak: Microsoft and Activision Gone News

The saga of the UK video game retailer goes from bad to badder

15 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Mass Effect for Electronic Arts News

EA basically rules the Top 10

12 Mar 2012

Activision Grabs Microsoft Senior Gaming Exec News

Thomas Tippl moves out of CFO role.

06 Mar 2012

Activision/Blizzard Laying Off 600 Staff News

Blizzard reviews its processes and sacks people

29 Feb 2012

New Medal of Honor Due in October News

But hold on... that's Call of Duty season!

24 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts - UFC Undisputed Number 1 News

Thank goodness it's not boxing, right?

20 Feb 2012

Activision: Free-to-Play Call of Duty is Possible in the West News

Activision's plans for China are also helped by piracy

13 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Kingdoms of Amalur Hits Home Run News

Darkness also falls across all formats and all prices

13 Feb 2012

Blizzard Sets Date for WarCraft Expansion News News

Build up to WoW expansion gets started....

10 Feb 2012

Activision / Blizzard Versus Valve in Court - Game On! News

DotA just love a good courtroom drama?

10 Feb 2012

Activision: Call of Duty 2012 Already 'Looking Fantastic' News

New CoD bringing innovation to franchise

10 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Resident Evil Brings The Horror News

But FIFA 12 holds on

30 Jan 2012

Modern Warfare 3 Title Update 8 in the Wild News

We say "In the wild" - we mean "On Xbox Live"

26 Jan 2012

BlizzCon 2012 is No More - Users Not Happy News

Blizzard disappointing fans and people who like to mock, at the same time!

25 Jan 2012

Blizzard Puts World of Warcraft Servers Up for Auction News

Buy old server, give money to good cause.

24 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 12 Wins - Nothing Changes News

January is the cruellest - or at least most boring month in gaming

23 Jan 2012

Activision CEO Mans Up Over Modern Warfare Leak News

Eric Hirshberg lives, learns and speaks out

19 Jan 2012

Happy Holidays to Activision and EA Lawyers in Respawn case News

Activision Gets Jury Trial Against Electronic Arts

23 Dec 2011

Modern Warfare 3 DLC for Late January News

Xbox Live with CoD Elite get it first

21 Dec 2011

UK Video Game Xmas Charts! Skyrim Wins News

An Xmas without FIFA or Call of Duty at Number 1 - WTF?

19 Dec 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Skyrim Price Slash Success Proves Games are Too Expensive? News

Retailer slicing up the pricing gets a #1 award for Bethesda

12 Dec 2011

EA: We Have Taken Share from Modern Warfare 3 News

Peter Moore talks Battlefield vs Modern Warfare

09 Dec 2011

Bobby Kotick Wants More TV-Style Scripted Game Content News

Activision CEO thinks watching scripted content is the future

07 Dec 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Modern Warfare 3 Increases Sales News

FIFA 12 also grows, and Mario Kart 7 comes in...

05 Dec 2011

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Zombies - iPhones - Now News

Yup, more Call of Duty... on the phone

01 Dec 2011

Activision's Kotick: Star Wars Won't Make EA Cash News

Star Wars: The Old Republic

29 Nov 2011

UK Video Games Charts: Saints Row 3 Beats Out Skyrim News

UK Video Game Charts more predictable news: MW3 stays at #1

28 Nov 2011

MW3 Stats Cock-Up Knocks 1.9 Million Users Out of Xbox Live Numbers News

Activision has to correct Xbox Live figures for Modern Warfare 3

22 Nov 2011

UK Video Game Charts - Skyrim vs Assassin's Creed News

And yes, Modern Warfare 3 is still Number 1

21 Nov 2011

Sony, Microsoft, Activision in MW3 Love Fest as Records Fall News

MW3 in a huge number of records...

17 Nov 2011

Xbox 360 Users Up in Arms Over Modern Warfare 3 Problems News

Responses such as "I'm trading mine in for the PC version, xbox graphics are sh*te anyway" hit Microsoft

16 Nov 2011

Vivendi Makes Millions Selling Activision Stock - No One Knows Who To News

Vivendi makes $427 million as it sells 40% of its Activision Stock

16 Nov 2011

Most Boring Man in History Blames MW3 for Sports Team Loss News

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 gets blamed for St Louis losses

15 Nov 2011

UK Video Games Charts: Xbox 360 'Wins' Modern Warfare 3 News

But week one sales are down on Black Ops

14 Nov 2011

Modern Warfare 3 in "Biggest Entertainment Launch in History" Claim News

And Activision CEO makes a lot of money...

11 Nov 2011

World of Warcraft Cataclysm - Not Quite as Activision Slumps News

Activision shareprice slips on falling WoW subscriber numbers

10 Nov 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Launch Live Streamed Here News

Yup, watch people buying Modern Warfare 3

07 Nov 2011

Activision Dumps Sex Actress from Modern Warfare 3 Launch News

Dutch porn start has invitation revoked.

02 Nov 2011

Video: More Ways to Kill Folks in Modern Warfare 3 Mode Madness News

New Modern Warfare 3 gameplay modes

01 Nov 2011

Activision: Modern Warfare Like a Michael Bay Movie News

And Battlefield 3 is a 'different experience'

25 Oct 2011

War! Gamestop Offers Modern Warfare 3 for 99p on Battlefield 3 Trade-In News

Modern Warfare vs Battlefield gets goes crackers

19 Oct 2011

Activision Closing Call of Duty Elite Beta Today News

Prepares for official launch... calm down

19 Oct 2011

Activision's New Men in Black Game Revealed News

The Galactic Gumshoes Arrive Spring 2012

14 Oct 2011

MW3 "Last Big Console Launch Ever" says NASDAQ Post News

It's all so bloody bleak!

04 Oct 2011

UK Video Game Charts - FIFA 12 Sends Gears III Off News

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus win through a bit too

03 Oct 2011

What's The Daily Mail's Problem with Video Games? News

Newspaper in spouting yet more bile shocker.

30 Sep 2011

Diablo III Delayed - No Console Mentions News

Moves to early 2012

23 Sep 2011

CoDBlops Rezurrection DLC Finally Coming To PS3 and PC News

360 owners: "Took your time, didn't you?"

13 Sep 2011

Diablo III Friends and Family Beta is Go News

Felicia Day is a very happy lady

08 Sep 2011

Valve and Blizzard Want Console Makers To Grow Up News

Play your games your way.

06 Sep 2011

Bobby Kotick Finally States the Obvious on Digital Margins News

Yes, there is more money to be made on download. Retail beware!

02 Sep 2011

Activision Nails It: Why Gaming is in the Doldrums News

But we don't think they meant it...

10 Aug 2011

Modern Warfare 3 - Survival and Spec Ops News

It's no picnic...

10 Aug 2011

Activision Sued by Maroon 5 Man Over Band Hero News

Maroon 5 joins Courtney Love and No Doubt in suing video game companies

05 Aug 2011

Blizzard: Auction House 'Integral' to Diablo III News

Although Acti/Blizz has no predictions for it.

04 Aug 2011

Activision's Kotick Has Retail in His Grip News

Activision/Blizzard One Billion Dollar Revenues Driven by Digital

04 Aug 2011

UK Charts: Mexican Drug Lords Unfit for Number 1 News

Hardcore still can't sell itself

25 Jul 2011

Cached ModernWarfare 3 Site Copyright Page Points to EA News

Much hilarity ensues

12 Jul 2011

Call of Duty Gets Two-Day Show News

A first look at multiplayer in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

30 Jun 2011

World of Warcraft is Free-ish News

For up to 20 levels

29 Jun 2011

Call of Duty Fans are 'Best' says Beachead Boss News

Well, he would wouldn't he

23 Jun 2011

Warcraft Catacylsm for China News

At last Activision/Blizzard gets the deal done

22 Jun 2011

EA's Riccitiello - Modern Warfare has 'Jumped the Shark' News

It's like the Disneyland of war games he says about Activision game

17 Jun 2011

Riccitiello On Kotick: We Got His Goat News

Modern Warfare vs Battlefield gets more childish

13 Jun 2011

Blacklight Dev: Call of Duty is Milking Money from Fans News

Not happy about competing FPS

10 Jun 2011

See How Bobby Kotick Kept his Job as Activision CEO News

The votes are in.

09 Jun 2011

Activision Claims 'Cross-Platform Game-Play' for Spyro Skylanders News

Means that stats can be taken from the web.

06 Jun 2011

UK Video Game Charts: LA Noire's Hat Trick News

One new entry in the top 10

06 Jun 2011

More Time Spent on Black Ops than Facebook says Activision Exec News

But Activision not worried about the competition

02 Jun 2011

DJ Hero Dev Saved - New Project in Work News

Staff keeping jobs

31 May 2011

Call of Duty Gets Elite Subscription News

$9.99 for the Elite

31 May 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Blames a Single Man News

Osama not in sight

24 May 2011

UK Video Game Charts: On the Brink News

aka Gamers don't need reviewers

16 May 2011

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Release Date: November News

Don't all be too shocked

16 May 2011

Activision Cock-a-Hoop About Record Profits: Digital Gets Thanks News

Call of Duty makes money shocker

10 May 2011

Activision Execs Argue Over CoD Beachhead News

Kotick vs Hirshberg

10 May 2011

Call of Duty Black Ops - DLC + Games On Demand Today News

A good time for Black Ops over-all then

03 May 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Portal 2 Closes Doors on Mortal Kombat News

Nothing new in the charts

03 May 2011

Activision Kotick Up for Re-Election News

It's board meeting time again....

19 Apr 2011

Activision Hopes "There Aren't Any Hard Feelings" News

It's a nice company really

14 Apr 2011

Activision to Bring Back Guitar Hero News

It's only in hiatus

12 Apr 2011

UK Video Game Charts: A Wii Crysis for the Hardcore News

As Wii fitness games chops Crysis 2 off the top

11 Apr 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Crysis 2? What Crysis 2 News

EA's shooter maintains place

04 Apr 2011

Judge: EA has to Defend $400m Zampella/West Case Against Activision News

It's a 'contract interference'

17 Mar 2011

Blizzard's Next MMO - No Warcraft Sequel News

Morhaime comments on comments

16 Mar 2011

Bizarre Creations: Gamers "Are Less Willing to 'Take a Risk'" News

Hence the death of Bizarre Creations

24 Feb 2011

Blizzard's New MMO - Breaking the Mould - Not WoW News

Need to start over...

11 Feb 2011

Activision Sets Up a Beachhead for CoD and More News

Sets up studio just for CoD

10 Feb 2011

True Crime and Tony Hawk Shredded News


10 Feb 2011

Axe Falls on Guitar and DJ Hero News

Peripherals based businesses not performing.

10 Feb 2011

BizzCon 2011 Details - Dive in with Tenacious D News

California dreaming...

07 Feb 2011

Call of Duty Linked to RussianTerrorist Outrage News

Reality bites hard

26 Jan 2011

Blizzard Won't Block Starcraft Mod News

Takes a moderate stance

21 Jan 2011

Activision on Bizarre Creations: No Interested Parties News

Other options explored

19 Jan 2011

Call of Duty: Black Ops Can't Make Activision UK Number 1 Publisher News

Electronic Arts takes the role

19 Jan 2011

Medical Servers Raided By CoD Gamers News

A case of Black Ops

14 Jan 2011

Black Ops Multiplayer Still Screwy News

Connection issues still to be fixed

16 Dec 2010

ProtoType 2 Heaves into View News

What happens next with Alex Mercer

13 Dec 2010

NPD Figures Show Black Ops Riding High News

Of best-selling titles that is

10 Dec 2010

Potential Leak of StarCraft II's Expansion Pack Ending News

WIP cutscene could spoil ending for Heart of the Swarm.

09 Dec 2010

Activision: Too Early to Close Book on Tony Hawk News

That's damned by faint praise, readers.

08 Dec 2010

PS3: Call of Duty: Black Ops Patch Detailed News

That's a relief

06 Dec 2010

Activision Teases Murder Your Maker - People Guess News

Could it be Prototype 2? Could it be Taxi Driver?

26 Nov 2010

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Launch Events Announced News

Prepare for photos of queues!

23 Nov 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Black Ops Holds Off Assassin's Creed Brotherhood News

Potter makes it into the Top 20

22 Nov 2010

Activision Explains latest Tony Hawk Tanking News

Shred(ed) isn't the word here

19 Nov 2010

Activision Moots Sale of Bizarre Creations News

Offical comment on studio released

16 Nov 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Black Ops 1 vs Kinect 4 News

Kinect Sports highest placed Kinect game

15 Nov 2010

Black Ops Slammed by People Who Were 'There' News

Game's virtual Castro plot is denounced

11 Nov 2010

Activision: Next Call of Duty not an MMO News

Could be set in space though.

10 Nov 2010

Kotick: Our Brands are Thriving as Competitors Suffer News

More of Guitar Hero 2011

05 Nov 2010

Activision Blizzard: Kotick on 'Over Performance' News

Thanks Online for Half it Revenue

05 Nov 2010

Blizzard's Mike Morhaime: Leaving Date Announced News

New Activision document has the facts

02 Nov 2010

Activision's Kotick Called 'Hitler' News

Given that he's Jewish, that's incredibly bad taste

29 Oct 2010

Diablo III's designers Share Details News

Talk of franchise, why its not on consoles

27 Oct 2010

Post Cataclysm Warcraft Expansion in Work News

Blizzard talks a good game...

25 Oct 2010

Activision Blizzard Starcraft Hackers to Court News

Suing three programmers

18 Oct 2010

Black Ops Can Outdo Mw2 Says Retailer News

Sets high hopes for sales of this year's offering

14 Oct 2010

Singularity Dev Staff Cut News

Raven Software faces hard times

12 Oct 2010

World of Warcraft - 12 Million "Players" News

That's "Players" not subscribers.

07 Oct 2010

Call of Duty Black Ops Finally 3D on Console News

Active Shutter 3D Technology apparently

05 Oct 2010

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Definite Date News

Expect people to start queuing... now.

04 Oct 2010

UK Developer to Add Zing to NASCAR 2011 News

Eutechnyx goes round in circles

30 Sep 2010

EA on Kotick: He's Destroying Activision Games News

Electronic Arts comes out fighting

28 Sep 2010

Brutal Kotick: I Never Even Met Tim Schafer News

Late on the tit-for-tat front

27 Sep 2010

Bizarre Creations: Working with Activision Helps Us Make Better Games News

James Bond 007: Blood Stone designer tells us what's what

22 Sep 2010

Activision Wants to Sell Cutscenes for $30 News

Just when you thought things were getting pleasant

16 Sep 2010

Activision: No Online Pay-to-Play News

Well, if you exclude Blizzard of course

16 Sep 2010

Bungie Oiling Activision's New Engine News

Crafting new game engine for upcoming Activision project

14 Sep 2010

Zombie Car Shooter with Strippers: Activision Confirms Blood Drive News

"A post-apocalyptic gladiator arena filled with zombies with attitudes"

13 Sep 2010

Black Ops Gets a Voice or Two News

Not Danny Dyer

07 Sep 2010

Activision "No Concern" over Medal of Honor versus Call of Duty News

Just part of the competition

07 Sep 2010

UK Software Charts: Woody Keeps It Up News

Toy Story maintains its #1 position.

16 Aug 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops for Zombies News

Should be 'Opts' obviously but that's not the name of the game

13 Aug 2010

Tony Hawk Shred & the Return of That Board News

Latest Hawk outing retains the peripheral

13 Aug 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops "Premium Service" Laid Out News

A source speaks out.

12 Aug 2010

Activision: Infinity Ward Burned by Not Terminal News

Will rise from the ashes

10 Aug 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Toy Story Kicks Starcraft II's Nuts News

As does Call of Duty and Dance on Broadway

09 Aug 2010

Starcraft II No Big Impact on Warcraft Love News

Activision Blizzard calm and confident

06 Aug 2010

Activision' Neat Trick: Up the Income and Down the Revenue News

But everybody's bullish

06 Aug 2010

Want to Know Exactly Why Activision Loves DLC? News

It's down to the bottom line baby

06 Aug 2010

Soundgarden to Debut Single on Guitar Hero News

Grungetastic news for Activision

03 Aug 2010

Activision Will Give Away BMW 125i to PS3 Blur Player News

Way to sell a video game guys

03 Aug 2010

UK Games Charts: Starcraft II the Very Top News

Long-awaited sequel flies straight to #1.

02 Aug 2010

Activision: Bobby Kotick Just Doesn't Have Time for Games News

Activision sort of responds to Schafer 'total prick' comments

15 Jul 2010

Schafer Dubs Activision's Bobby Kotick 'a Total Prick' News

And a dick, and generally bad for the games industry

14 Jul 2010

Ex-Infinity Ward Staff vs Activision: Legals get Nastier News

But the war of words peps up.

12 Jul 2010

UK Software Charts: Crackdown Brings The Smackdown News

Super Mario Galaxy suffers as a result.

12 Jul 2010

Activision Blizzard and the Game Writing Contest News

They say Blizzard. We say Activision Blizzard.

06 Jul 2010

Free World of Warcraft? A Distant Glimmer in Blizzard's Eye News

Lead designer hints and kills

01 Jul 2010

Tax Relief Scandal: Activision, Sony Could Pull UK Investment News

But that's two out of the 'sabotage' scandal

30 Jun 2010

UK Charts - Red Deadened by Harry Potter News

Singularity fails to crack Top 10

28 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: Mario Can't Leap Over Marston News

Solid Snake doesn't reach the Top 10.

21 Jun 2010

UK Charts: Red Dead Holds Off Mario Galaxy 2 News

Shocking news for the perfect game

14 Jun 2010

True Crime Gets Talent News

Activision's reboot gets voices

11 Jun 2010

DJ Hero 2 - Yes, Really + Lady Gaga Obviously News

There is going to be a new one

08 Jun 2010

UK Charts - Week 22 - Red Dead Beats FIFA News

Few changes pre-E3 and World Cup

07 Jun 2010

Modern Warfare 2 'Title Update' Live pre DLC News

Activision gets it right this time?

03 Jun 2010

Activision 'Independent' Games Competition Trumpeted News

Call us cynical...

02 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: Red Dead Redemption Holds #1 To Ransom News

UFC Undisputed 2010 only new challenger to Rockstar's Western crown.

01 Jun 2010

Awesomely Awful Attempt to Tie Guitar Hero to World Cup News

"Big Soccer Match" tie in

27 May 2010

Blur Vid Rips Mario Kart Nibble

21 May 2010

Modern Warfare 2 - Resurgence Map Pack Xbox 360 Dated News

Surprisingly unpriced

13 May 2010

UK Software Charts: FIFA Holds Top Spot News

Just Dance earns over a million UK sales.

10 May 2010

Activision: MW2 $15 for Map Packs is 'Fantastic Value' News

More DLC being worked on

07 May 2010

Activision: More Than One Game Release from Bungie News

No up-front payment though

07 May 2010

Kotick Questions West & Zampella's Ethics News

Expect more resignations or dismissals

07 May 2010

Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack Hits PlayStation Network News

Prepare for people to moan but download it anyway.

04 May 2010

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA World Cup Scores Big News

Football fever strikes the high street.

04 May 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cuba, Arctic and Vietnam News

Yes, more Cold War than Vietnam war

30 Apr 2010

Call of Duty Black Ops - Not Vietnam - Dated News

Site up and dated

30 Apr 2010

Call of Duty: Vietnam - Named by Dean Takahashi News

First airing tonight

30 Apr 2010

Microsoft Deal with Bungie 'Unchanged' by Activision News

No surprises there

29 Apr 2010

Activision Bungie Deal - Nine Months in the Making News

Thomas Tipl heading up the deal

29 Apr 2010

Activision Signs Bungie in 10 Year Exclusivity Deal News

Bungie's next game universe goes to Activision

29 Apr 2010

Mike Griffith Steps Down as Activision Publishing President & CEO News

Becomes Vice Chairman, contract changes

28 Apr 2010

Blizzard on Infinity Ward: No Comment News

No real surprise there.

28 Apr 2010

Top Activision Executive: "We Treat Our Developers Extremely Well" News

Thomas Tippl almost responds

22 Apr 2010

320,000 Users Banned from Battle.Net News

All decisions are final

21 Apr 2010

Analyst: EA Will Definitely Use 'Modern Warfare 2' in Advertising News

Apparently respawn is "screw you to everybody"

13 Apr 2010

UK Software Charts: Just Dance Leads Boring Week News

No new games chart this week, at all.

12 Apr 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Just Dance Not Just Cause News

Wii party title hops back into first place.

06 Apr 2010

Activision Splits into Four News

Restructuring ahoy

31 Mar 2010

Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack Hits After Noon Today - Saga of XP News

Stimulus and Hardcore Stimulus get double XP

30 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: Chaos Reigns News

Just Cause 2 destroys competition this week.

29 Mar 2010

Infinity Ward No New Spec Ops News

Also company is unaffected by law suit

26 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: Kratos Is God of Charts News

PS3 exclusive beats out all competition.

22 Mar 2010

BAFTA 2010 - Stealth Destroys Cinema News

While Modern Warfare wins gamers' hearts

21 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: PS3 Claims FFXIII Victory News

PS3 version outsells 360 version with 54% of total sales.

15 Mar 2010

Blizzard: a Console MMO Would Be 'Wildly Successful' News

World of Warcraft producer wades in

09 Mar 2010

Hoth Stuff: New Level of Force Unleashed for PS3 Now News

Apprentices to the front.

19 Feb 2010

Kotick: Harmonix was a Failed Developer News

Until Guitar Hero

19 Feb 2010

What is Activision Hiding Until 2012? News

Asks SEC to extend confidential treatment order.

18 Feb 2010

Activision Axes Guitar Hero Staff News

Bad time for music.

15 Feb 2010

Huzza News: StarCraft II Beta Dated News

That's from Blizzard's top man.

11 Feb 2010

Cataclysm Expansion 'Overhauling' Most Existing Warcraft Content News

A change to the core game via the add-on?

11 Feb 2010

Activision Blizzard's Kotick Boxed Games Not Ending Soon News

Last quarter dragged a bit though

11 Feb 2010

Activision's New Call of Duty as Earnings Excel News

2009 was best financial year in company's history.

11 Feb 2010

UK Video Game Charts - Mass Effect 2 Stop the Dance News

MAG makes it way in as well.

01 Feb 2010

Activision: NPD ranks DJ Hero "Highest Grossing New IP in US AND Europe" News

No supporting stats to bolster big claims.

19 Jan 2010

Activision's Kotick on Blizzard Purchase: "That's Insane!" News

Seven million dollars... crazy money.

19 Jan 2010

US Parents Very Happy with Video Games News

Game Publisher Publishes Positive Game Survey

15 Jan 2010

2010: Week 1 UK Game Charts: Bayonetta vs Darksiders News

But Modern Warfare 2 stays top

11 Jan 2010

Blizzard's Samwise to the Console Again News

It's a company of gamers

21 Dec 2009

Tony Hawk: Xbox 360 Natal's Not for Skateboarding News

The Ride gets wilder.

08 Dec 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Arkham Asylum's 122% Boost News

Basically, not very much happened at all - Call of Duty still Number 1

07 Dec 2009

Activision in Hyperbole Mode for Call of Duty News

Lots of money made

27 Nov 2009

Guitar Hero 6 & Natal: No Commitment News

Kai Huang manages not to answer questions.

25 Nov 2009

Play Modern Warfare 2 for Peace News

War Child organisation gets it on with MW2

25 Nov 2009

Activision: Multi-Player to Defeat Used Games Market News

That's why single-player is so short.

19 Nov 2009

Soap Actor Hints Modern Warfare Movie News

Jaws drop and eyes pop

19 Nov 2009

Activision's Sledgehammer to the Gaming World News

Activision's New Studio Gets Visceral Leaders

18 Nov 2009

Activision: Modern Warfare 2 No Russian Withdrawal News

Activision firefights rumour

17 Nov 2009

UK Game Charts: Modern Warfare Slaughters Innocent Competition News

Bundles of joy for Pure and Lego Batman

16 Nov 2009

Activision: Core Gamers Demand to 'Pay Up' for Additional Content News

Call of Duty to get monetized

13 Nov 2009

Cultural Phenomena Fight! Modern Warfare 2 vs Halo vs Super Smash Bros Brawl News

More marketing nonsense than you can shake a stick at.

12 Nov 2009

Modern Warfare 2 in Pachter Bicker Slaughter Fest News

Did sell. Didn't sell.

12 Nov 2009

A $20million Day for Bobby Kotick News

Share sales galore make for a happy CEO.

12 Nov 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Crunches GTA IV's Record News

Crunches a week's record in a day

11 Nov 2009

Budget Battle: Modern Warfare 2 Drops to £26 News

Less than half the RRP

09 Nov 2009

Activision for Drum Hero Nibble

09 Nov 2009

Online Retailers Have Steamy Boycott of Modern Warfare 2 News

Not happy about 'trojan horse' software

06 Nov 2009

Activision Made as Much from Wii as PS3 News

Warcraft is where the love is

06 Nov 2009

Activison Exploring Legals in Hit Back at No Doubt News

Not taking it sitting down

05 Nov 2009

More Rock Stars Suing Activision News

Game turns rockers into virtual karaoke stars

05 Nov 2009

Actvision Doesn't Understand Price Controversy News

Special edition's are to look after the biggest fans.

04 Nov 2009

Chinese Govt Kills World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade News

Government turf war blamed

04 Nov 2009

Infinity Ward: MW2 Hype Not Distracting News

They must be the only ones then.

03 Nov 2009

Third-Person Play Confirmed for Modern Warfare 2 News

Everybody is third-person.

27 Oct 2009

Censors to Certify iPhone Games News

Has a monster task ahead of itself if it does.

22 Oct 2009

Modern Warfare 2: London Square Launch News

Biggest Male Artists of 2009 to be there.

21 Oct 2009

US Charts: Halo 3 ODST Teabags the Competition News

Wii Sports Resort can't touch it.

20 Oct 2009

Beatles Rock Band Outsells Guitar Hero in USA News

Will the analysts be right?

20 Oct 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Contains Strong Bloody Violence News

Yes, really... a war game.

19 Oct 2009

Band Hero Tracklisted Nibble

19 Oct 2009

Analysts: Guitar Hero to Outsell Beatles Game at Xmas News

When analysts attack

19 Oct 2009

Infinity Ward: Diplomatic on Bobby Kotick 'Replacement' News

Plus PC version not delayed

16 Oct 2009

China Bans Foreigners from Owning Online Games News

World of Warcraft could be hit again as joint ventures are also prohibited.

12 Oct 2009

Activision's Modern Warfare 2 Price Justification News

Pricey games are worth it

05 Oct 2009

Call of Duty - The Movie is On News


05 Oct 2009

No Modern Warfare 2 DLC Development Yet News

Not until the game is done and dusted.

02 Oct 2009

Microsoft: We'll Rule Call of Duty Sales News

Not own them though.

28 Sep 2009

Chinese Warcraft Competitor: One Billion Dollar Funding Offer News

No recession worries in China

25 Sep 2009

Swastika Forces Wolfenstein Withdrawal News

One small one slips through

23 Sep 2009

Mulitplayer to Blame as Activision's Blur Slips News

Warns investors to be cagey.

21 Sep 2009

Bon Jovi Passed on Guitar Hero News

Can understand the Cobain furore

17 Sep 2009

Pow! 250Gb Modern Warfare Xbox 360 = $399 News

Microsoft getting revved up or COD release

16 Sep 2009

Activision: Guitar Hero Turns $50 into $500 News

Huge margins

15 Sep 2009

UK Game Charts: Guitar Hero vs Beatles News

And Colin McRae motors in...

14 Sep 2009

Daft Punk for DJ Hero News

Let's hope they read the contract

11 Sep 2009

Courtney Love: Kurt Would Have Loathed Guitar Hero News

She's threatening to sue Activision - Cobain's avatar made her want to vomit

10 Sep 2009

Blizzard Chief: Starcraft a 'Short Session Game' News

In short, World of Warcraft is not going away

01 Sep 2009

Kurt Cobain to Blow Away Guitar Hero Fans News

Essentially, Nirvana songs to appear in video game

28 Aug 2009

No Modern Warfare Multiplayer Vehicles Ever News

Never say never though.

26 Aug 2009

Guitar Hero 5 Arrives After The Beatles News

Hits on September 11th.

26 Aug 2009

Diablo III for Console Nibble

25 Aug 2009

Video: People in Tony Hawk Ride Praise It News

Feel the excitement... it's almost religious.

24 Aug 2009

UK Games Charts: Wolfenstein Shoots Short News

Wii Sports Resort sits pretty

24 Aug 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Runs Out in UK News

Petitions and moaning give way to purchasing

21 Aug 2009

USA to Get Bizarre Creation's Blur Ahead of Europe News

So much for made in Liverpool.

20 Aug 2009

Blizzard: Natal as Imprecise as Wii News

Controller has problems 'doing things'

17 Aug 2009

Activision's Kotick Makes $22 Million in Two Days News

That's how me makes the big bucks

17 Aug 2009

Tony Hawk to Show Off Board-Controller in Cologne News

Expect words like 'awesome' to explode

13 Aug 2009

Activision vs EA vs Take Two: CEO Earnings Check News

Who gets the big bucks - and why does Take Two's Feder only earn one dollar?

11 Aug 2009

Activision Settles Lawsuit: Brutal Legend Lives News

Game on for October release

07 Aug 2009

Xbox 360 to Pull Ahead of PS3 at Xmas News

PS3 Slim and price cuts not affecting Activision's outlook

06 Aug 2009

Starcraft 2 Delay Hasn't Hurt Activision News

Going from strength to strength

06 Aug 2009

Modern Warfare Mobilised for Nintendo Confirmed News

Or is it Call of Duty Modern Warfare

03 Aug 2009

Star Wars Force Unleashed Tatooine DLC Dates News

It's not your father though

25 Jul 2009

Brutal Legend Developer Counter-Sues Guitar Hero News

Plus: new video!

24 Jul 2009

Activison: Nintendo DSi hasn't Sold Enough News

Drum Grip going to "primary DS Platform"

24 Jul 2009

Band Hero DS Confirmed, Drum Revealed News

Pics right here!

23 Jul 2009

Sam Raimi Lands World of Warcraft Flick News

Plus: a list of producers longer than a giraffe's arm

22 Jul 2009

Now Tony Hawk Board is a 'New Generation' Controller News

This is becoming a little like controller-waving

16 Jul 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the DLC News

Apparently it's a growing community...

15 Jul 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Prestige Priced News

Also multiplayer for downloadable Call

15 Jul 2009

World of Warcraft to Battle Chinese Investigation? News

Not so free enterprise since the Olympics

14 Jul 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Special Editions - No Call of Duty in Sight News

You do get night vision goggles though

14 Jul 2009

Electronic Arts' Bioware at Activision: Don't Poke Fun at Sony News

Time to grow up Activision

13 Jul 2009

Rocktastic Stats! 28% of Guitar Hero 5 Tracks Revealed News

Band of Horses, Kings of Leon, 22 more...

10 Jul 2009

Modern Warfare Bumps Singularity News

Excitement galore

09 Jul 2009

PlayStation Bust-Up: Sony Putting Pressure on Activision News

Still no price cuts though

08 Jul 2009

In-Game Tweet for World of Warcraft News

Even more reason never to leave the house

03 Jul 2009

Sports Fans: Activision to Take on Take 2, Konami and EA News

Oh... more sports games.

02 Jul 2009

WoW! Chinese Government Bans Gold Farming News

Level that up!

30 Jun 2009

The Madness of Modern Warfare 2 Branding News

Awareness, or how to make money with idiots

25 Jun 2009

Blizzard: Console MMOs for Next Generation News

Also, Microsoft showed some ideas

24 Jun 2009

Activision Dev's Board is New 'Platform' News

So, Bobby Kotick might not have to worry

22 Jun 2009

Sony Responds to Activision Threat News

Not much to say

19 Jun 2009

DJ Hero Soundtrack is All Brand New Mashups News

Album release to follow?

16 Jun 2009

Jay-Z and Eminem: Video Gaming Schizzle! News

Not keeping it entirely real...

01 Jun 2009

StarCraft II to Fly Pre-2010 News

Beta coming soon

01 Jun 2009

Millions of New CoD4 Users Appear News

Stats ahoy!

26 May 2009

Video: New Modern Warfare 2 Snippet! News

See it here

22 May 2009

UK - Tony Hawk: Ride Xbox 360 Exclusive News

UK PS3 and Wii owners get excluded

20 May 2009

Wolfenstein 3D Confirmed for XBLA News

Double-old school FPS inbound

15 May 2009

Tony Hawk Attacking Skate with Peripheral News

Next Hawk game finally announced

15 May 2009

Animator Leaks Call of Duty 7 Dev Confirmation News

LinkedIn profile spills beans

14 May 2009

New Tony Hawk Game Reveal is Friday News

Prize-Winning CorporateBS on radar.

12 May 2009

Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty for Media Breakout? News

TV show and movies may be in the works

08 May 2009

Activision Blizzard's Big CoD and Guitar Hero Numbers News

Billions and millions!

08 May 2009

Guitar Hero News Avalanche! News

The Autumn line-up revealed

07 May 2009

DJ Hero - First Kit Images Nibble

07 May 2009

Pay $40 for BlizzCon... Pay Per View News

Ticket release dates announced

06 May 2009

New Chairman for Activision News

Does Bobby Kotick need to look out?

05 May 2009

The UK Games Charts: Wolverine Not that Fit News

Nintendo takes another week at the top

05 May 2009

Singularity: Environmentally Sound Video News

Don't screw around with time!

29 Apr 2009

Video Stokes iPhone World of Warcraft Rumour News

And company's website is down

27 Apr 2009

Court Refuses to Restrain Activision News

No grounds for DJ complaint

17 Apr 2009

Activision Bucks Trend as China Looms News

Someone out there is making money!

16 Apr 2009

Prototype: Totally Dated Nibble

09 Apr 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Pops a Video News

See it here!

08 Apr 2009

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Iron Fist Comes Down News

New video and screens!

06 Apr 2009

Call of Duty: World at War Maps a Million News

Activision crows its success

01 Apr 2009

Confirmed: Modern Warfare 2 Worldwide Release Date News

Coming not-that-soon...

26 Mar 2009

EA, THQ, Activision Back New Video Game Console News

New video game console aims to bring gaming to the poor

24 Mar 2009

DJ Hero Platforms Revealed News

Teaser site launched

24 Mar 2009

Outrage at Dog Killing in CoD: World at War News

100 students miss the point

23 Mar 2009

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Slips News

No more May release

17 Mar 2009

Activision: Wii Was Second Class News

Plus: another call for price cuts

10 Mar 2009

Activision Blizzard and LucasArts Renew Vows News

Distribution deal re-signed

06 Mar 2009

Who Next for Activision? News

Activision Blizzard midway to more deals?

05 Mar 2009

EA: Activison Like a Husband Who Abandoned Family News

Brutal Legend saga gets brutal.

16 Feb 2009

EA Skates Back Into The UK Game Charts News

But guess what's still at Number 1...

27 Jan 2009

Resistance Action Figures Revealed! News

Plus: Prototype comic listed for April

20 Jan 2009

Tony Hawk Dev Remains Secret News

Who will replace Neversoft?

14 Jan 2009

Activision Chief: Games Will Rule All News

One form of entertainment to rule them all!

12 Jan 2009

Confirmed: Neversoft Off Tony Hawk News

Did it jump or was it pushed?

12 Jan 2009

Beware: 'CoD5' Beta Fakery! News

Inaccurate spammers outed

12 Jan 2009

UK Game Charts: 2009 Kicks Off News

What sees in 2009 at Number 1?

06 Jan 2009

World of Warcraft Army Tops 11 Million News

Blizzard feels good this Christmas

24 Dec 2008

UK Game Charts: One Week to Go News

Before the 'coveted' Xmas Number 1!

16 Dec 2008

Woolworths' Collapse: Potential Tidal Wave News

Stock effectively "stolen"

12 Dec 2008

World of Warcraft Sex Change Broken News

New service launches a bit wrong

11 Dec 2008

UK Video Game Charts: Duty Calls News

Nintendo shows well

09 Dec 2008

Activision Balance Board for Hawk? News

Activision teases with new Tony Hawk game

04 Dec 2008

Call of Duty Changes Tactics News

New war not same as old war

04 Dec 2008

Guitar Hero 5 Trumpeted News

Massive line-up from ActiBlizz

04 Dec 2008

UK Game Charts: Xmas Number 1 Already? News

Where's Rock Band 2?

02 Dec 2008

The UK Games Charts: Call of Duty Takes on All Comers News

Tomb Raider and Need for Speed fail to take the top

25 Nov 2008

World of Warcraft Addiction: How The Sun Got It Wrong News

Unsexy lies and videogames

18 Nov 2008

The UK Video Game Charts: Call of Duty in a World of Warcraft News

What happened to LittleBigPlanet?

18 Nov 2008

Hendrix Offed for Guitar Hero World Tour Wii DLC News

Fussy licensing gets in the way

17 Nov 2008

New Blizzard MMO not Coming to Console News

But there will be a new MMO from Warcraft maker

13 Nov 2008

Who is NOT Banning Gamers Now? News

Everyone getting on the banned-wagon?

12 Nov 2008

World of Warcraft: Lich King Launch Newslaught News

Can Blizzard WoW Lotro?

11 Nov 2008

Ubisoft Gets Massive and a World in Conflict News

Who is next in line?

11 Nov 2008

Atari Confirms Dan Aykroyd's Leak News

Who you gonna call? Not Sierra. Yes, Phil Harrison.

07 Nov 2008

Activision Blizzard: What Makes its Money? News

Activision or Blizzard?

06 Nov 2008

Call of Duty Xbox 360 Beta Open to All News

Well, all Xbox 360 owners

05 Nov 2008

MTV's Beatles Deal due to Activision Attitude News

Music industry not happy....

04 Nov 2008

Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant Arrives News

Activision ships game

31 Oct 2008

World of Warcraft London Lich King Midnight Opening News

Cos-play mayhem for Londoners.

30 Oct 2008

Friends and Invites for PC Call of Duty: WW Beta News

Complex yet simple

22 Oct 2008

Spider-Man Video Action - Maybe a BIT emo News

New video right here

13 Oct 2008

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Firmly Dated News

Coming real soon...

13 Oct 2008

The UK Charts: FIFA 09 Kicks Off News

FIFA-Fo-Fum! EA Giant climbs chart beanstalk

07 Oct 2008

Blizzard Bags £3 million Over World of Warcraft Bots News

MDY Industries loses out over offering an easy ride

01 Oct 2008

UK Video Game Top 10: Pure Joy Forces its Way In News

EA loses its footing

30 Sep 2008

Star Wars: Lightsaber Duels Release Date Confirmed News

Plus: loads more dates for your calendar

23 Sep 2008

Official UK Video Game Charts: Star Wars and the Apocalypse News

Activision scores a blinder

22 Sep 2008

Activision: We Won't Ship Enough Guitar Hero World Tour News

Plus: great big guitar game news blow-out

19 Sep 2008

DJ Hero Turntables Heat Up News

More weight thrown behind rumours

18 Sep 2008

How World of Warcraft Makes the Huge Bucks News

And we don't mean winsome deer-like creatures

18 Sep 2008

Call of Duty News Explosion News

Online play to be monetised

16 Sep 2008

Activision: Racing Genre "Under-Penetrated" News

Activision to lead the way

16 Sep 2008

The UK Charts: Hugo Chavez Beats Off Tiger Woods? News

It's all-out war at the top.

16 Sep 2008

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Dated News

Coming real soon...

15 Sep 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour's 15.5% Rock Band 2 Crossover News

Looks kind of like the Rock Band 2 set list...

15 Sep 2008

Activision's New Music Game in Development News

Guitar Hero Localizers bought

12 Sep 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour: Motorhead Move News

Without a zimmer frame!

04 Sep 2008

UPDATED: Gibson Replacements Revealed for Guitar Hero World Tour News

Still no branding for the guitars

27 Aug 2008

The Charts: Mario Races Wii Fit News

The Olympics help SEGA out

19 Aug 2008

World of Warcraft Gamer Wins Gold Digging Court Case News

Account returned after gold farming closure

14 Aug 2008

Warners: Shutting Doors on Guitar Hero and Rock Band Tracks? News

Warner Music CEO calls video game licensing fees 'paltry'

07 Aug 2008

World of Warcraft Wants Your Mates News

New mount on offer

06 Aug 2008

Would EA Buy Valve? News

Half Life software house happy to discuss acquisition

05 Aug 2008

Wolfenstein: Nazis Gonna Get Ya... News

New video!

01 Aug 2008

Team17: Business as Usual Following Vivendi Cull News

No negative impact on business

29 Jul 2008

Activision Blizzard Starts Game and People Culls News

High profile games and studios cut

29 Jul 2008

EA Wanted To Buy World of Warcraft News

Riccitiello postures in face of Activision Blizzard merger

18 Jul 2008

Activision Blizzard to Cut Jobs News

"All-star team" being put together

17 Jul 2008

The Charts: Wii Fit Gets in a Brawl News

Nintendo proves its self-improvement title has stamina

15 Jul 2008

Take-Two Courted by New Suitor? News

Plus: iTunes-like service in the works?

11 Jul 2008

Activision's Kotick: How to Innovate - Use Old Stuff News

Activision Blizzard on the cutting edge of safety?

11 Jul 2008

James Bond: A Quantum of Screen Shots News

Activision dishes up the facts

11 Jul 2008

Konami Launches Rock Band Lawsuit News

Patents infringed?

11 Jul 2008

Activision Only on Holiday from ESA News

It's not you, it's me

10 Jul 2008

Official: Activision Blizzard Lives! News

Deal now closed

10 Jul 2008

Stateside Activision Stockholders Agree Vivendi Deal News

Just in time for E3

09 Jul 2008

Activision Judge Quotes Warcraft in Ruling News

He's down with the Guilds.

03 Jul 2008

Activision's Shareholder Revolt is Crushed News

Full steam ahead

03 Jul 2008

Activision Blizzard Nearly a Reality News

EU set to rule soon

09 Apr 2008

It's A World of WarCraft Christmas: Screens News

Somewhere some religious fundamentalist's head is exploding.

10 Dec 2007

Electronic Arts vs Activision Blizzard: Fight! Fight! Fight! News

Electronic Arts kicks off the bitch-slapping

04 Dec 2007

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